14nov Results


Title Author Score
Lying In Wait Harold Rose 12
Ancient and Modern Harold Rose 10
Big Beasts Neil Weston 15
By The Lake David Lewis 13
Cactus Flower Pat Layhe 13
Caldon Canal John Dennis 14
Carmen Ken Taylor 10
Castletown Harbour John Dennis 16
Chloe Andrew Twambley 14
Crossragual Abbey Alan Cottam 15
Desert Windfarm Geraldine Hillmer 17
Driving for the Line Dave Griffiths 17
Eagle on Fox Peter Layhe 19 2nd
East African Crowned Crane Dave Griffiths 15
Elterwater and The Langdales Stuart Martin 14
Emerald Lake Gary Schultz 14
Evening Walk, Caernarfon Bill Salkeld 14
Golden Beauty Pat Layhe 13
Gorton Monastery Peter Layhe 16
Gutted Neil Weston 16
Head to Head John Dennis 20 1st
Hiroshima Ladies Gordon Steel 15
Hollyhocks Ken Stables 12
Lime Trees in Autumn, Erdigg Michael Wood 14
Loughrigg Tarn and the Langdales David Lewis 15
Magnolia Leaf Pat Layhe 11
Moon Over Chiusdino Andrew Twambley 16
Morning Mist with Sunbeams, The Carrs, Wilmslow Michael Wood 15
Mothers Meeting? Ken Stables 16
Moto Cross Dave Griffiths 18 =3rd
Pale Silhouette Chris Hills 10
Peyto Lake Gary Schultz 15
Practice Launch Ken Stables 18 =3rd
Puffing Billy Margaret Harris 15
Race Escort Chris Hills 14
Rest Stop on the Edo Highway Gordon Steel 13
South by Toward Point Alan Cottam 15
Studland Bay and Sandbanks Stuart Martin 13
The Best Man Ken Taylor 15
The Falls of Dochart Far Killin Tayside Harold Rose 12
The Good Old Days? Neil Weston 13
The Old and the New Alan Cottam 15
The Wedding Party Gordon Steel 14
Time For Tea Peter Layhe 16
Twilight at Marine Way Bridge, Southport Michael Wood 16
Wallabrook Bridge Margaret Harris 15
You Are Going No Where Andrew Twambley 16
Vik Beach John Downs 13
Icebergs - Jokulsarlow John Downs 15


Title Author Score
Frosted Web Pat Layhe 13
Biddulph Grange Neil Weston 14
Blonduos Church John Downs 13
Bring Me the Head of San Galgano Andrew Twambley 20 1st
Darwinian Desk Alan Cottam 15
Early Morning Shadows Michael Wood 12
Evening Perch Neil Weston 14
Exchanging Batons Bill Salkeld 15
Hawes Church John Downs 14
Lady with Black Parasol Gordon Steel 15
Llanberis Pass Bill Salkeld 15
Severed Rock Geraldine Hillmer 17
Shinkansen Departure Gordon Steel 16
Stoplight Dave Griffiths 18 3rd
Terracotta Andrew Twambley 14
The Connecting Rod Alan Cottam 13
The Last Outpost Dave Griffiths 19 2nd
The School Trip Gordon Steel 15
Timber Geometry Neil Weston 15
Tram Fan Bill Salkeld 16
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