Apr Open


A Blur of Bluebells Gary Schultz 13
A Rainy Night In Manchester Kate Goodwin 16
A Seat in the Sun Roy Bowden 14
African Daisy Mike Keegan 19
Aloes John Dennis 14
An Enchanted Garden Michael Wood 17
Autumn of the Caldon Canal John Dennis 16
Blue Haze David Lewis 16
Bodie Stuart Martin 16
Bodywork Derek Altoft 18
Building Blocks of History Kevin Lee 17
Castlefields Gordon Steel 19
Daffodil Gary Schultz 18
Dogs Guarding the Square David Lewis 16
French Doorway Ken Stables 18
Glacier Bay - Alaska Alan Angel 15
Golden Gleam Dave Griffiths 19
Guarda Village,Upper Engadine Stuart Martin 17
It's Behind You Kevin Lee 16
Landing Stage Michael Hilton 16
Medenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska Alan Angel 16
Morwellham Quay Ken Stables 14
Mother and Baby Kate Goodwin 16
Mt Rushmore, Fourth of July Roy Bowden 17
Navajo Sunrise Stuart Martin 17
Ornamental Cherry Mike Keegan 16
Pigeon Dave Griffiths 20 3rd
Plain Sailing Gary Schultz 16
Planet Abersoch Mike Hilton 17
Robin Dave Griffiths 18
San Galgano Abbey Andrew Twambley 17
Shinto Wedding Gordon Steel 16
Siena Duomo Andrew Twambley 17
Storm Rock No 2 Michael Hilton 20 2nd
Sunday Treat Gordon Steel 15
Sunset De Kelders Michael Hilton 17
The Opera House Roy Bowden 16
The South Yorkshireman Ken Stables 17
Towards Chapel Styal from Elterwater Mike Keegan 16
Towards the Langdales Michael Wood 16
Walking the Dog Derek Altoft 20 1st
Who chose this nest site? John Dennis 16
Wine Glass Derek Altoft 15
Yellow Flowers Kate Goodwin 16
You Lookin' At Me? Andrew Twambley 16
Yukon Alaska Alan Angel 14
Waiting the call Peter Layhe 17


Abandoned Legacy Derek Altoft 20 2nd
Chimpanzee Close Up Kate Goodwin 15
Corsewall Light Michael Hilton 20 1st
Getting Ready Andrew Twambley 15
Le Mans Artist Ken Stables 17
Lockheed Neptune Nose Bill Salkeld 16
Musical Reflection Kate Goodwin 16
Old Town, Dubai Kate Goodwin 14
On Standby Bill Salkeld 20 3rd
Pears Michael Hilton 16
Rusty Lock Ken Stables 16
Street Corner in Gion District Gordon Steel 17
The Canal Trip Derek Altoft 18
The Last Outpost Gordon Steel 18
The Ruskin Rooms Gordon Steel 17
Through The Window Bill Salkeld 17
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