Fit Image for Quickly Resizing

Fit Image

The Fit Image plug-in command is available in some full versions of Photoshop on the File>Automate… menu.


When the dialog appears, simply type your desired maximum overall dimensions in the two fields. Click OK and the image is resized so that it fits within the specified bounds while maintaining proportionality.
Simple! Save the image and the job is done.


For WGPS competitions the normal size is SXGA+ which is 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high.
The other common competition size is XGA which is 1024 pixels wide by768 pixels high.

Either size might be required in external or inter-club competitions. SXGA+ is increasingly common.

Masking unused Parts of the Frame

Good practice is to extend the canvas with black to fill unused parts of the projection frame size, and some competitions and events may require this. Resize the canvas gives full details of how to do this.

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