Green Results

Results of the "Green" themed competition, 17th October 2007

Judge, Christine Widdall, DPAGB BPE2*

Digital Projection

Title Author Score
Lotus 33 John Dennis 15
Trent & Mersey Canal at Anderton Cliff Franklin 14
He says these cheeses are edible! Ken Stables 15
Angel of the Green North Andrew Twambley 17 3rd=
Groudle Glen John Dennis 15
College Exhibit - RHS Flower Show Tatton Cliff Franklin 13
Peppers Ken Stables 15
Chinese House, Shugborough Michael Wood 16
Speedy Green Dave Griffiths 15
Distressed Michael Hilton 12
Doug on the putting green Gary Schultz 15
Dragon Fountain Gordon Steel 12
Escape From The Evil Green Village Andrew Twambley 15
Geothermal Power Station John Downs 16
Green Bin Week Bill Salkeld 15
Green Blanket Weed John Downs 14
Green Cube E Peter Layhe 13
Green Face Tom Einstein 16
Green Pier John Downs 12
Green Sign Bill Salkeld 14
Green View Alan Cottam 16
Greens David Lewis 14
Horseshoe Lake, Canadian Rockies Gary Schultz 16
Unleaded Dave Griffiths 15
Italian Garden Tom Einstein 15
Lakeland Beck Michael Wood 13
Llanbedrog Storm Andrew Twambley 20 1st
Man Photographing Green Bill Salkeld 14
Which way is the sea? Dave Griffiths 16
Olympic National Park, Washington State Gary Schultz 16
Pencils Peter Layhe 13
Pepper No 1 Michael Hilton 16
A Productive Summer Terry Smith 13
Grandson Running Terry Smith 16
Racing Green Alan Cottam 19 2nd
Rainwater Gulley Michael Wood 13
Shipwreck Michael Hilton 14
Adlington Hall John Dennis 16
South Gate - Rothenburg City Wall Cliff Franklin 14
The Bamboo Forest Gordon Steel 17 3rd=
The Green Pond Gordon Steel 14
Through The Green Window Ken Stables 13
Green Bins Tom Einstein 15

Slide Projection

Title Author Score
Riding High For Our Five A Day Chris Evans 16
Anbangbang Billabong Gary Schultz 16
Canal du Midi Michael Hilton 18 2nd
Cutting Green Bill Salkeld 15
Gas Powered Bus John Downs 16
Two Green Bentleys Plus One John Dennis 14
Green Basilisk John Downs 15
Thirsty Green Engine John Dennis 17 3rd=
Green Crown Chris Evans 16
Green Tree Frog Gary Schultz 14
Green Tea Chris Evans 20 1st
Is It Rainproof? Gary Schultz 16
Light and Shade Michael Hilton 17
Morning After Green Bill Salkeld 15
Saving Electricity John Downs 17 3rd=
Fading Greens Bill Salkeld 16
Summer Greenery John Dennis 16
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