Internal Competition Results 2012-2013

Internal Results 2012/2013

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Internal Results 2012/2013

Annual Competition

WGPS Annual 2012 - Colour - Prints
Judges: Gordon Jenkins, John Smith, Tremaine Cornish
14th October 2012

Author Title Score Award
Gary Schultz The North Cape 11
Brian Smith Liver in the Pool 9
Chris Hills Pontoon 9
Jon Sellers The Old Bomber 12 Highly Commended
Peter Layhe Standing Proud 9
Ken Stables Le Pont D'Avignon 10
David Lewis Gone Fishing 11
Brian Smith Mersey Memories 9
John Dennis Twilight Tree 11
Brian Lord Sand Dunes National Park - USA 10
John Fallows Celtic Cross - Llandwyn Island 9
Jon Sellers Making Hay while the Sun Shines 12 Very Highly Commended
Gary Schultz Summer Houses in the Winter 11
Neil Weston Tunnel Vision 10
Alan Angel Great Save 11
Dave Griffiths Harvest Time 9
Michael Hilton Before Sunrise 11
Chris Hills All Eyes on the Ball 10
Jon Sellers Facing the Guns 13 Winner
Gary Schultz North Cape Isolation 12
Brian Lord Eco Warrior - Ozone Friendly 9
Alan Angel Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond 10
Peter Layhe By Ullswater 11
Dave Griffiths Early Light at Cemlyn 12
John Dennis Crossing the River 12 Commended
Chris Hills Fish Place 10
Sue Bryant Oslo 9
Peter Layhe La Sagrada Familia 12
Ken Stables Blue Poppy 10
David Hardy Impression of Tuscany 7
Brian Smith No Smoking Area? 9
Jon Sellers The Liberator 13
David Lewis Seascape 9
Gary Schultz Flatford Mill after Constable 11
John Dennis The Golden Wall 10
Dave Griffiths Last Light 12
Chris Hills Emblem of Class 11
Neil Weston I Want to be Alone 10
Alan Angel Water Colour Reflections 9
Brian Smith Window of Change 11
Michael Hilton Abandoned Pastures 10
David Hardy Night Landing 11
David Royle Picnic at Alderley Edge 10
Peter Layhe Floral Tableau 10
John Fallows Keswick from Castle Crag 12
Alan Angel Reichstag 9
Dave Griffiths Llanbadrig Church 10
John Dennis Early Morning Champagne Flight 9
David Lewis In Langdale 10

WGPS Annual 2012 - Monochrome Prints
Judges: Gordon Jenkins, John Smith, Tremaine Cornish
14th October 2012

Author Title Score Award
Chris Hills Spooky Pool 11
Jon Sellers All Quiet on the Eastern Front 11
Gary Schultz The Arctic Cathedral Tromso 9
Dave Griffiths Final Resting Place 11
John Fallows Lochside Tranquility 10
Michael Hilton Tulips 11
Neil Weston Whiteout 12
Ken Stables Storm over Venice 9
Chris Hills Play it Again 9
John Dennis Pit Head Winding Gear 10
David Hardy 13:00 from Euston 10
Brian Lord Foreshore at Sunrise 11
Jon Sellers A Time to Reflect 11
Dave Griffiths Anglesey Grey 10
Michael Hilton Winters Walk 10
Neil Weston Winter Playground 12
Dave Griffiths The Sentry 13 Very Highly Commended
Ken Stables Ramparts of Carcassonne 14
Chris Hills Bare Tree 12
Gary Schultz Snow Scene at the North Cape 12
Brian Lord Waiting for Sundown 11
Michael Hilton Zion Sandstones 12 Highly Commended
John Dennis Roan Antelope 12
Jon Sellers The Corner Shop 15 Winner
John Fallows Malaysia: Legacy of Empire 10
Pam Garside New Mills 9
Chris Hills Natural Bridge 11
Brian Smith Liverpool's Heritage 10
Ken Stables Homer Tunnel Pass - New Zealand 11
Jon Sellers Quiet Contemplation 13 Commended
Dave Griffiths Lovell Radio Telescope 10
Michael Hilton Sydney Opera House from the Inside 10

WGPS Annual 2012 - Natural History - Prints
Judges: Gordon Jenkins, John Smith, Tremaine Cornish
14th October 2012

Author Title Score Award
John Dennis Carmine Bee-Eaters 11
Dave Griffiths Patagonian Crested Duck 10
Brian Lord Nesting Mute Swan with Cygnets 11
John Dennis Canada Geese 10
John Fallows Red Admiral on Echinacea 13
Alan Angel Dolphin Pod 12
John Dennis Common Blue Damselfly 15 Winner
Brian Lord Wild African Darter 14 Very Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Mandarin Duck 14 Commended
John Dennis Five-Spot Burnet Moths 13
Brian Lord Wild African Elephants 12 Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Field Vole 11
John Fallows White Pintail Duck 12
Brian Lord Wild Spotted Thick-Knee 11
David Lewis Sea Pinks 11
Dave Griffiths Little Grebe 11

WGPS Annual 2012 - Portraits and People - Prints
Judges: Gordon Jenkins, John Smith, Tremaine Cornish
14th October 2012

Author Title Score Award
Jon Sellers The Survivor 12
Chris Hills Sketching Class 10
John Dennis Look! Papa Comes from Out Yonder 10
Brian Smith Capturing the Moment 11
Pam Garside This Rain is not Going to Spoil my Holiday 12
Gary Schultz Oncle Henri 14
Michael Hilton Sarah 11
Jon Sellers Haunted 14
John Fallows Legs Eleven 11
John Dennis Alone with her Thoughts 11
Dave Griffiths Break Time 11
Brian Lord Attitude 10
David Lewis By the River 9
Chris Hills Lunch Break 12
John Dennis Back Off! 13
John Fallows On Your Marks 12
Jon Sellers The Engine Driver 14 Very Highly Commended
Michael Hilton Landscape 12 Commended
Chris Hills Hippy Silhouettes 10
Dave Griffiths Out of the Shadows 11
Pam Garside Waiting for the Olympic Torch at Buxton 9
John Fallows Young Olympian 11
Brian Smith Monsoon Season 12
Gary Schultz Adorable! 10
Chris Hills Chinatown Mural 9
Jon Sellers The Tram Stop 15 Winner
Michael Hilton Bar Code of Humanity 13 Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Bubbles 12
John Dennis Her Knight in Shining Armour 12
Pam Garside I like this Umbrella 10
Alan Angel Tussle for the Ball 11
Michael Hilton The Swimmer 10

Wgps Annual 2012 - Portraits & People - Digital
Judges: Gordon Jenkins, John Smith, Tremaine Cornish
Held on 14 October 2012

Author Title Score Award
Bill Salkeld Paper Sir 9
Kris Worsley Duo Y-Squared - 1 10
Jon Sellers Second Thoughts 12 Very Highly Commended
Chris Hills Another Angler 10
Dave Griffiths Celebration Time 9
Gary Schultz Protection 10
Michael Hilton Original Australian 13 Winner
John Fallows Olympic Downpour 9
Brian Lord Boy on a train 11
Ken Stables Do you like that 9
David Lewis Hair raising 10
Leif Romell Deep in Text 9
Chris Hills Dayglo Girls 9
Kris Worsley Duo Y-Squared - 2 9
Michael Hilton A Determined Man 10
Dave Griffiths Ninja Kick 9
Brian Lord Turntable volunteers 10
Gary Schultz Scary Woman 11
Jon Sellers The Keeper 11
Bill Salkeld Good News 10
Dave Griffiths The Protester 12
Jon Sellers Early Flight 12
Gary Schultz The Modern French Woman 11
Michael Hilton Racing Start 12
Brian Lord Travellers on London Underground 10
Bill Salkeld In different worlds 10
Kris Worsley Yelian and Yasmin 12 Commended
Chris Hills Dudes on Guard 9
Jon Sellers Guilt 12
Chris Hills Looks like a 5 Iron 9
Dave Griffiths The Turfman 11
Kris Worsley Yasmin 12
Bill Salkeld Why has he got two 12 Highly Commended

Wgps Annual 2012 - Colour - Digital
Judges: Gordon Jenkins; John Smith; Tremaine Cornish
Held on 14 October 2012

Author Title Score Award
Leif Romell Post Impact 9
Gloria Hughes roof tops 10
Bill Salkeld From the Viaduct 9
Chris Hills Frosted Remains 11
Ken Stables Now what 11
Kris Worsley Pink Granite Stone at Kintra 13
Martin Rix Reflections of China 10
Dave Griffiths Afterglow 13
Gary Schultz A Clockwork Orange 10
John Fallows Derwentwater 13 Highly Commended
Neil Weston Floating 13
Jon Sellers Sound The Retreat 12
David Hardy Roses 11
David Lewis Iona 12
Brian Lord Shropshire sunset 11
Brenda Worsley Suckling Pigs 11
Brenda Worsley Seaweed on sand 10
Dave Griffiths Death Stare 10
David Lewis Stairing up 11
Gloria Hughes trees at speed 10
John Fallows Evening Reflections 11
Chris Hills Bunker Shot 10
Leif Romell Croatian Laundry 9
Kris Worsley Lone Tree 10
Ken Stables Smoked 10
Martin Rix Fly me to the moon 13 Very Highly Commended
Neil Weston Waiting 10
Gary Schultz Dont Drink! 10
Jon Sellers Riding The Crest 11
Brian Lord Wild Black Backed Jackal & pup 11
Bill Salkeld Hoverfly feeding copy 8
Jon Sellers Guarding The Tracks 13 Commended
Ken Stables Grandmothers hall 11
Brenda Worsley Rusted Rope 9
Gary Schultz Rent a Bike 10
Leif Romell Thatch Attack! 10
Brian Lord St Pancras from British Library 11
David Lewis Felines 9
John Fallows As the Crow Flies 12
Dave Griffiths Evening Light 14 Winner
Chris Hills Water Beetles 9
Bill Salkeld At the Station 8
Gloria Hughes shells 8
Kris Worsley Mute Swan in Motion 10
Gloria Hughes Rape Seed 9
Brenda Worsley Sunset from Kintra 9
Bill Salkeld Under the canopy 9
Jon Sellers The Surgeons Daughter 10
Gary Schultz Northern Lights over Tromso 11
Chris Hills Corrugated Frost 11
Dave Griffiths Sin City 9
Leif Romell Leasowe Lighthouse 11
Kris Worsley Peakland Waterfall 12
John Fallows Parys Mountain Patchwork 10

Wgps Annual 2012 - Monochrome - Digital
Judges: Gordon Jenkins; John Smith; Tremaine Cornish
Held on 14 October 2012

Author Title Score Award
Gary Schultz Against the Wind 10
Jon Sellers Trepidation 12 Commended
Ken Stables Rotorua 9
Leif Romell Solemn Assembly 9
Bill Salkeld Capesthorn Lake 10
Dave Griffiths An English Summer 11
John Fallows The Pier at Deal 9
David Hardy Study in E 11
Brian Lord Cafe condiments 9
Chris Hills Winding Way 11
Neil Weston Shadowland 10
Kris Worsley Mute Swan in motion 13 Winner
Kris Worsley Mallard in starry light 8
Dave Griffiths Dead End 9
Jon Sellers The Conversation 11
Leif Romell Victoria and Albert Lights 9
Ken Stables Queen Charlotts Sound 11
David Hardy Marvellous Morgan 10
Bill Salkeld Concord 9
Gary Schultz Snow storm at the North Cape 9
Neil Weston Reaching for the sky 9
Chris Hills Crane Cab 31 11
Dave Griffiths Pier 11
Kris Worsley Grey Heron silhouette on white 9
Chris Hills Tangle Falls 10
Jon Sellers Remembrance 12 Highly Commended
Gary Schultz Rods 9
Kris Worsley Ant walking on a fern 9
Jon Sellers The Spymaster 13 Very Highly Commended
Chris Hills Tree Ballet 9
Dave Griffiths The Window Shopper 10

Wgps Annual 2012 - Natural History - Digital
Judges: Gordon Jenkins John Smith Tremaine Cornish
Held on 14 October 2012

Author Title Score Award
Bill Salkeld Caterpillar - Large White Butterfly 12
Brian Lord Wild African Elephants 13 Very Highly Commended
Kris Worsley Sundew 11
John Fallows Robin 10
Martin Rix Gull in flight 9
Brenda Worsley Blue tits just fledged 9
Dave Griffiths Common Frog 10
John Dennis Thornicroft's Giraffe 12 Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Hoverfly 10
John Dennis Saddlebilled Stork 12
Brian Lord Black Winged Stilt 9
Martin Rix Bee 9
Brenda Worsley Water Vole - 1 10
Kris Worsley Rock Pipit leaping for food 11
Brenda Worsley Water Vole -2 11
Brian Lord Wild African Swamphen 13 Commended
John Dennis Common Darters mating 13
Kris Worsley Ant reaching the summit 13 Winner
Martin Rix Tortoiseshell butterfly 9
Dave Griffiths Robin 11
Brenda Worsley Basking Shark 9
Kris Worsley Red Grouse in Purple Heather 11
Brian Lord Avocets 10
Dave Griffiths Tortoiseshell 9
John Dennis Immature Blue-tailed Damselfly 13

Monthly Competition 1 - November

Wgps November 2012 - Mono
Judge: Diana Magor
Held on 14 November 2012

Author Title Score Award
Margaret Harris Grey Nare's Tail 12
Gary Schultz Wilderness 12
David Royle Arcade 17
David Hardy Rain on the Rivals 13
Bill Salkeld Eyes on the ball 17
Colin Caygill Threatening Environment 13
Pat Sawas Jenkins Chapel Saltersford 12
Brian Lord The Leap 16
Ken Stables Conwy Castle 15
Michael Hilton The Grove 16
John Fallows Paco 14
Stuart Martin Bamburgh Castle 13
Chris Hills tangle falls 17
Adrian Hazeldine Bridge 12
Andrew Twambley golf course in the snow 17
Dave Griffiths Putting The World to Rights 20 First
Jon Sellers The Spymaster 18 Third
Peter Layhe Horseshoe falls Gresgarth 15
Martin Rix Scarborough nights 13
Ken Stables London Eye 15
Bill Salkeld Feeding the pigeons 15
Brian Lord The Final Straight 15
Gary Schultz Getting Old 13
Colin Caygill Freckles 12
Pat Sawas Ageing process 13
David Royle lines and curves 14
John Fallows Manchester Wheel 15
Martin Rix Jeebs 16
Andrew Twambley Stallion 16
Margaret Harris Corran Point Lighthouse 17
Peter Layhe I C Me 13
David Hardy Glowing green 12
Michael Hilton Shifting Sands 14
Jon Sellers A Brief Respite 19 Second
Dave Griffiths The Window Shopper 14
Chris Hills crane cab 31 16
Stuart Martin Dunstanburgh Castle 16

Wgps November 2012 - Colour
Judge: Diana Magor
Held on 14 November 2012

Author Title Score Award
Gary Schultz Interior of a Poppy 15
Pat Sawas Allium 12
Ken Wallace Cumbrian Weir 14
Brian Lord Fun on the Sand Dunes 12
David Hardy Still morning, Gouthwaite 13
Kris Worsley Ant on a fern, backlit 17
Michael Hilton Foula Sunset 12
Chris Hills the lock-keeper's cottage 14
David Royle Paris Street Cafe 15
Andrew Twambley The Panel 17
Ken Stables New Caledonian Geco 19 Second
Margaret Green Derwent Water at Dusk 16
Stuart Martin Eiffel Tower 17
Adrian Hazeldine Noss Creek 16
Brenda Worsley Deer in bracken 15
Colin Caygill Wish You Were Here 14
Martin Rix Amelia 13
John Fallows Tubes of Light 13
Dave Griffiths Flamingo 16
M Lee fire and water 12
Bill Salkeld Well, its like this 12
David Lewis Autumn light 12
Neil Weston Going home 16
Peter Lahye Turkish Tulips 16
Mary Dolan English Beach Huts 16
Margaret Harris Fallow Deer Fighting 12
Jon Sellers Guarding The Tracks 17
Peter Lahye Gran Canaria 12
Jon Sellers Early Flight 17
Pat Sawas Overcoming obstacles 16
Colin Caygill Goodbye Mr Bond 17
Gary Schultz Sebastian 13
Dave Griffiths Afterglow 20 First
Chris Hills 14th tee Ricoh tournament 14
Kris Worsley Coot in the dark 12
Margaret Harris Loch Achtriochtan 16
Ken Wallace Amsterdam Canal 13
Michael Hilton Afon Eiddew Waterfalls 16
Stuart Martin The Pantheon 16
Martin Rix Melbourne Vespa 16
Bill Salkeld Where's Mum gone 12
David Lewis A quiet pint 14
Andrew Twambley Tuscan morning 18 Third
M Lee two of a kind 12
Ken Stables Glenorchy Pier 12
Neil Weston Bird's eye view 15
David Royle Snail on the move 16
John Fallows Lochside Sunset 16
Brian Lord Happy Music 16
David Hardy Fern 13
Adrian Hazeldine Afternoon Stroll 16
Margaret Green Welcome to Liverpool 16
Brenda Worsley Funghi Landscape 14

Monthly Competition 2 - January 2013

Wgps Prints - January 2013 - Colour
Judge: Margaret Sixsmith
Held on 9 January 2013

Author Title Score Award
Michael Hilton Manchester at Christmas 12
Ian Wilson Autumn Colours - Redesmere 13
David Royle Dawn Cobweb 15
Dave Griffiths Llanddwyn Island 20 First
Peter Layhe Floral Sunshine 12
Stuart Martin Derwentwater 14
Colin Caygill Stormy Night but I'm OK 16
John Fallows Island Boathouse Early Morning 13
Jon Sellers The Secret 12
Brian Lord African Elephants Applying Sunblock 18
John Dennis Afternoon Stroll 19 Second
Adrian Hazeldine The Old Boathouse 15
Gary Schultz Oncle Henri 12
Stuart Martin Dunstanburgh Castle 15
Jon Sellers The Tram Stop 16
Alan Angel City v QPR 11
Brian Lord Wild African Darter 16
Neil Weston Steel and Steam 16
David Royle Greek Easter Wreath 12
Colin Caygill It's My Round Lads! 15
Margaret Green Towards Hilbre 15
Barry Shaw Dragon Fly 14
Michael Hilton Christmas Greetings 14
Peter Layhe The Last Cast 15
Adrian Hazeldine Autumnal Path 15
Ian Wilson Autumn Colours at Capesthorne 16
Stuart Martin Bamburgh Castle 15
John Fallows Reflecting the Alhambra 14
John Dennis Reliving the Age of Steam 16
Brian Lord Winter Hydrangea Leaves (Arranged) 12
Gary Schultz Posh Homeless Accommodation in Paris 15
Dave Griffiths Last Light 17
Michael Hilton The Dancer 13
Ian Wilson Nectar Time! 14
Margaret Green River Traffic New Brighton 16
Barry Shaw Swan Hunter 11
Alan Angel Sunset on the Shore 16
Dave Griffiths Four Seam Fastball 17
John Dennis A Bumpy Landing 14
Adrian Hazeldine Emerald Waters 12
David Royle Old Moped 17
Colin Caygill The Ballet Dancer 13
Neil Weston Morning in Venice 13
Margaret Green A Stroll Around the Marina West Kirby 15
Peter Layhe Spring Time 14
Jon Sellers The Old Bomber 19 Third
Alan Angel County Take the Lead 14
Gary Schultz Rooftops of Verona 13

Wgps Prints - January 2013 - Mono
Judge: Margaret Sixsmith
Held on 9 January 2013

Author Title Score Award
David Royle Bleak Outlook 14
Jon Sellers The Miner 18
Gary Schultz Rain over Lake Garda 12
Dave Griffiths The Shopper 18
Alan Angel Outside the Temple 13
Brian Lord Joe the Chimney Sweep 13
Gary Schultz Bissa Rowing on Lake Garda 12
Colin Caygill Hilton Hotel 17
Michael Hilton Sink or Swim 16
Dave Griffiths Lion 20 First
David Royle Black and White Cow 13
Colin Caygill The Photographers 14
Jon Sellers The Corner Shop 16
John Fallows Lakeside Idyll 19 Third
Michael Hilton Bare Landscape 17
Jon Sellers Guarding the Abbey 16
Colin Caygill Low Level Hong Kong 17
Dave Griffiths On the Alert 15
Margaret Green Canning Dock Liverpool 15
Neil Weston I've got a great idea 15
Gary Schultz Snow Scene at the North Cape 14
Brian Lord By the Seaside 19 Second

Monthly Competition 3 - February 2013

Wgps Dpi 6 Feb 2013 - Colour
Judge: Ian Whiston
Held on 6 February 2013

Author Title Score Award
Mary Dolan Dulas Wreck 14
Alan Angel County V Woking 14
Margaret Green The Queen Mary lands at Liverpool 13
Don Hood Regeneration 13
Olly Rayner Fog on the Water 18
Peter Lahye Spices 15
John Fallows As the Crow Flies 14
Dave Griffiths Llandwyn Island 18
Colin Caygill Mist Over Cangas De Onis 15
Michael Hilton Coy Pelican 16
Jon Sellers Time To Say Goodbye 19 Second
David Lewis House by the lake 13
Bill Salkeld Where to next 14
Ken Stables Solo 17
David Royle Swan at Dawn 15
Adrian Hazeldine Size Matters 16
Stuart Martin A corner in Salisbury 16
Margaret Harris Loch Sunart 17
Chris Hills Snow trees 15
Gary Schultz Frosty Walk in the Park 16
Neil Weston Evening on the Grand Canal 14
Dave Swann sunset 16
Gary Schultz Textures and Colours 15
David Royle Slices of Pear Tart 16
Stuart Martin Deadviei panorama 18
Neil Weston Lonely shore 15
Jon Sellers Sound The Retreat 20 First
Dave Griffiths Robin 18
John Fallows By the Lochside 12
Dave Swann monkey with tap 15
Adrian Hazeldine budle bay sunset 15
Margaret Green Sailing West Kirby 15
Chris Hills Sunday on the banks of the lake 13
Michael Hilton Run for It 16
Olly Rayner Bales at Sunrise 18
Peter Lahye Fountain 14
Don Hood Has been 16
Margaret Harris Glass Church 18
Mary Dolan St. Cwyfan's Church 17
Ken Stables Harvest Mice 17
Alan Angel The Coach 18
Bill Salkeld The Eavesdropper 15
Brian Lord African Elephant in Water hole 17
Colin Caygill All Dressed Up 15
David Royle Sunset over canal locks 19 Third
Dave Griffiths Last light over The Skerries 18
Stuart Martin Landing at Bempton 17
John Fallows Olympic Downpour 18
Gary Schultz Orange Glow 14
Bill Salkeld Citywatcher 16
Colin Caygill Picnic On The Beach 15
Mary Dolan Heather & Hills 17
Alan Angel Nun with Begging Bowl 16
Dave Swann temples 16
Michael Hilton Falls Near Llanrwst 17
Jon Sellers Race Against Time 18
Don Hood Weeping 14
Adrian Hazeldine water garden 16
Ken Stables Karel Lek - Artist 17
Margaret Harris Glenfinnan Viaduct 16
Peter Lahye Coffee kit 15

Wgps Dpi 6 Feb 2013 - Mono
Judge: Ian Whiston
Held on 6 February 2013

Author Title Score Award
Colin Caygill Self Portrait 16
Michael Hilton Big Hair 18
Margaret Harris Loch Leven 16
Olly Rayner Golden Arches 18
Ken Stables Dutch Laundry 17
Chris Hills Under full sail 15
Margaret Green Captain Walker Liverpool War Hero 14
Jon Sellers The Pit Foreman 20 First
Bill Salkeld The Reader 17
David Royle The Storm 18
Alan Angel George - Community Worker 18
Gary Schultz Italian Sunlight 13
Dave Griffiths The Journalist 16
Neil Weston Curves 17
David Lewis Haystacks 17
Neil Weston Back to the good old days 18
Ken Stables Tea Time 16
Alan Angel Bodybuilder 17
Colin Caygill Take Three 18
Chris Hills Whiteout 19 Third
David Lewis Estuary View 17
Gary Schultz Echoes of a Bygone Era 19 Second
Michael Hilton Retail Therapy 17
Dave Griffiths Euston 16
Jon Sellers The Traveller 18
Bill Salkeld Family day out 15
Margaret Harris Nijinsky Hare 14
Olly Rayner Kiss 17
David Royle The Climber 13
Adrian Hazeldine Central Park detail 13
Jon Sellers No Remorse 15
Olly Rayner Barn of Intrigue 15
Colin Caygill Hong Kong Architecture 17
Ken Stables Marina Bay Singapore 17
Dave Griffiths Time Out 17
Bill Salkeld The Pigeon Lady 16
Adrian Hazeldine zion national park 12
David Royle Safety on the edge 14
Michael Hilton The Old Gantry 16
Gary Schultz Breaking the Ice 18

WGPS - Open Print - Mono March 2013
Judge: Daryl Giles
Held on 6 March 2013

Author Title Score Award
Gary Schultz Piercing the Mist 16
Colin Caygill Rebecca 16
Michael Hilton Fenn's Moss 17
David Royle Roman Building 17
Adrian Hazeldine Charlie 15
Brian Lord African Wart Hog 19 Second
Chris Hills Marine Garage 15
Dave Griffiths Rock and Marker 17
Jon Sellers Eddie 20 First
Michael Hilton Naked Landscape 16
Colin Caygill Who's in Charge? 16
Gary Schultz Skeleton Tree 17
Adrian Hazeldine Courtyard at Night 16
Dave Griffiths Bubbles 16
Chris Hills Sheriff on the Look-out 15
Brian Lord African Bull Elephant at Waterhole 17
Jon Sellers All Quiet on the Eastern Front 17
Colin Caygill Common Interest 16
Gary Schultz Luscious Lips 16
Dave Griffiths East meets West 15
David Royle Bacchus 16
Michael Hilton Determination 5159 18 Third
Jon Sellers Isolation 17

WGPS - Open Print - Colour March 2013
Judge: Daryl Giles
Held on 6 March 2013

Author Title Score Award
Brian Lord African Darter 16
Dave Griffiths Fire in the Sky 16
Alan Angel White House by the Shore 14
Stuart Martin A Bridge in Salford 16
Colin Caygill Jodie 17
Jon Sellers The Engine Driver 20 First
Gary Schultz Colourful Norwegian Houses 17
Michael Hilton Outback Sunrise 14
Margaret Green One for the Ladies - Harley Davidson Festival St. Tropez 15
Margaret Harris Strontian River 15
John Dennis Hoping for a Bite 15
Brian Lord Autumn Hydrangea Leaves (Arranged) 16
Alan Angel Father of the Bride Burmese Style 17
Adrian Hazeldine Early Morning at Higger Tor 17
Gary Schultz Italian Fountains 14
Margaret Green Harley Emblems 16
David Royle Sunset Reflections 13
Stuart Martin Palm Beach Soller 16
Jon Sellers Quiet Contemplation 17
Dave Griffiths High Tide at Eskdale 19 Second
Alan Angel Tomato Seller 14
Michael Hilton Final Length 17
Stuart Martin Palma Cathedral 16
Chris Hills You can't leave your bike there 16
Gary Schultz Contemplation 14
Adrian Hazeldine Padley Gorge 16
Colin Caygill Glenys - Take 3 16
John Dennis Dragonfly Phobia 17
Jon Sellers Making Hay while the Sun Shines 17
David Royle Quay Swing Bridge 14
Margaret Green Church and War Memorial Grimaud 15
Colin Caygill This is my Home 13
Michael Hilton A Fine Breeze for Drying 15
Brian Lord Bengal Lancer 15
Dave Griffiths Robin 14
Chris Hills ET on Vacation 13
Adrian Hazeldine Islands in the Snow 18 Third
John Dennis Riding the Thermals 15

Wgps - Dpi March 2013 - Theme Geometric
Judge: Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski
Held on 27 March 2013

Author Title Score Award
Margaret Green The Three Graces 14
John Fallows Island Angles 16
Mary Dolan Menai Bridge 15
Colin Caygill Legs 16
Jon Sellers The Singing Ringing Tree 17.5
Gary Schultz Tunisian Toilets in the Desert 17.5
Adrian Hazeldine Reflections 16
Bill Salkeld Water Lane 14
Peter Lahye Geometry and Blur 17
Dave Griffiths Offices 18
David Lewis Playground 17
Gloria Hughes geometric shapes Volkingen iron works 16
Chris Hills Balconies 15
Ken Stables dandelion 17.5
David Royle Sunrise 18
Margaret Harris Circles in a square 15
Kris Worsley Cormorant between the Lines 20 First
Neil Weston Keep out! 17
Brian Lord the designer 16
Michael Hilton The Boardwalk 16
Mary Dolan Pylon 15
Brian Lord a blind view 16
Chris Hills War Memorial 18
Adrian Hazeldine Urban shapes 17
John Fallows Stadium Symmetry 16
Bill Salkeld Geometrical Display 15
Ken Stables disks 15
David Royle Reflections of Liverpool 15
Gloria Hughes geometric shapes 17
Jon Sellers Futurescape 18.5
Dave Griffiths Daffodils 18
Michael Hilton Watching You 15
Neil Weston Reflections and shadows 16
Kris Worsley Tobermory corner 19.5 Second
Gary Schultz Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba 14
Margaret Harris Curves 14
David Lewis Windy day 16
Colin Caygill Lego Man 14
Margaret Green Shutter Cityscape 18
Colin Caygill Windows 15
Neil Weston Facade 14
Adrian Hazeldine Through the grill 14
Jon Sellers The Skys The Limit 15
Brian Lord tourists at the Tate 18.5
Ken Stables Dunedin Railway Station New Zealand 14
Gary Schultz Tractor Hub Cap 15
Dave Griffiths Dale Street Ellipse 16
David Royle Tower block 14
Bill Salkeld City Shapes 18.5
David Lewis Structures 16
Michael Hilton Platforms 17.5
Kris Worsley Pine Woodland Canopy 14
John Fallows Pierallel Lines 14
Margaret Harris Strata 19 Third
Margaret Green China Town Liverpool 18
Mary Dolan Lobster Pots 17
Gloria Hughes geometric designs 17

Wgps - March 2013 - Theme Blur
Judge: Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski
Held on 27 March 2013

Author Title Score Award
Brian Lord on a plant near you 16
Bill Salkeld Walking the dog 19 Third =
Neil Weston Feeding frenzy 15
Chris Hills For the Chop 16
Michael Hilton The Scream 15
John Dennis Flying high 14
Gloria Hughes Rain in Palmero - 1 14
Margaret Green Dreaming of Beckham 19 Third =
David Lewis On the peer 17.5
Colin Caygill Funeral 18.5
Jon Sellers Hot Pursuit 15
Adrian Hazeldine Revolutions 17
Ken Stables Cheerleaders 14
Mary Dolan Industrial Blur 17
David Royle Wheels in motion 16
Dave Griffiths Last Light 16
John Fallows Blurred by the Sea 17
Kris Worsley Grey Squirrel in Motion 19.5 Second
Gary Schultz Train 18
Peter Lahye Blur & Geometry 15
Gary Schultz Motorway Tunnel Lights 17
John Fallows Tony Blur and Friends 14
Kris Worsley Mute Swan 17
Jon Sellers Sprint Finish 14
Gloria Hughes Rain in Palermo - 2 16
Bill Salkeld Woodland Blur 20 First
Mary Dolan Sunset Blur 17
Dave Griffiths Eyes Right 14
Chris Hills Bend it like Beckham 16
Colin Caygill Hong Kong Subway 17
Michael Hilton Shetland 18
David Lewis Sea and sky 14
Neil Weston Glassy abstract 16
Brian Lord purple heron strike 14
David Royle Car light trails 17
Adrian Hazeldine Powering up 14
Ken Stables Mary Rose being sprayed with conservation fluid 14
John Dennis Apparition of Spring 19
Mary Dolan Yellow blur 17
Kris Worsley Piglet 15
Jon Sellers Overflow 16
John Dennis African Skimmer 16
Ken Stables Island tree 16
Gary Schultz Snow Plough through icy Window 17
Dave Griffiths Mind The Gap 14
Adrian Hazeldine Not stopping here 17
Colin Caygill Apparition 14
David Lewis Fallen snow 16
Bill Salkeld Trees 14
David Royle Fair Ground Ride 16
Michael Hilton Quarter Turns 18.5
Gloria Hughes abstract blur 14
Neil Weston Paeony fantasy 16

Colour - WGPS - Open Print - Date: 1 May 2013
Judge: Alan Towse
Held on 1 May 2013

Author Title Score Award
John Dennis Guardians of the Castle 14
Gary Schultz Danish Sunset 16
Michael Hilton Sophie 20 First
Margaret Green Fire Escape with Street Art 15
Colin Caygill Danger Keep Out 17
Peter Layhe High Sunrise 16
Dave Griffiths Little Grebe 19 Third
Adrian Hazeldine Three Little Islands 16
Alan Angel Ploughing Burmese Style 18
Colin Caygill The Maiden 17
Gary Schultz Via San Domenico 19 Second
Peter Layhe Salford Quays 14
Margaret Green Caf‚ Condiments 18
Jon Sellers The Surgeon's Daughter 17
John Dennis Lower Zambezi National Park 16
Adrian Hazeldine Frozen in the Moment 16
Alan Angel Schwezigon Temple Bagan Burma 17
Dave Griffiths Early Light at Porth Wen 16
Colin Caygill Bus Stop 15
Stuart Martin Dunstanburgh Castle 17
Michael Hilton First Iris in the Pot 14
Peter Layhe Summer time 15
Margaret Green Le Pont du Gard 15
Jon Sellers The Survivor 17
Adrian Hazeldine Benn an Eoin 16
Alan Angel Burmese Old Lady 18
Michael Hilton Midwinter Sunrise near Whitley 17
John Dennis Dog Fight 14
Dave Griffiths Llandudno Pier 18
Chris Hills Curve View 15
Gary Schultz Marie 16
Jon Sellers Second Thoughts 18

Monochrome - WGPS - Open Print - Date: 1 May 2013
Judge: Alan Towse
Held on 1 May 2013

Author Title Score Award
Gary Schultz Early Morning 16
Dave Griffiths The Lioness 16
Adrian Hazeldine Well Lit Staircase 16
Michael Hilton Chasing the Shadow 19 Third
Jon Sellers The Sentries 18
Colin Caygill Bleak Landscape 17
Alan Angel The Pugilist 17
Gary Schultz Shadows in the Snow 16
Dave Griffiths Styal Mill 17
Adrian Hazeldine Pointing the Way 15
Chris Hills Natural Bridge 16
Colin Caygill Tying Up 16
Adrian Hazeldine Shiny New Headquarters 19 Second
Dave Griffiths The Sentry 20 First
Jon Sellers Lost in Thought 18
Michael Hilton At Your Own Risk 16
Gary Schultz Figures in the Snow 17
Colin Caygill Returning Home 15
Jon Sellers The Bottle and Glass Inn 17
Alan Angel Seaside in Winter 16
Michael Hilton Mountain Light 18
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