Internal Competition Results 2009/2010

Internal Results 2009/2010
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21 October
Annual Competition

General Monochrome Print

Author Title Score Position
Dave Griffiths The Last Outpost 12 1st Winner
Derek Altoft Black Window 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
Kevin Lee Rush from the Rain 12 3rd Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Dandelion 12 4th Commended
Kevin Lee Door of Time 12
Kevin Lee Walking with Shadows 12
Derek Altoft Loneliness 11
Gary Schultz Figures on a Beach 11
Jon Sellers Racing the Storm 11
Michael Hilton Swirling Lawns 11
Roy Bowden Oak Among Pines 11
Alan Angel Manchester Cathedral 10
Andrew Twambley A Seat by the Canal 10
Andrew Twambley Tower 10
Arthur Goodwright Tewkesbury Abbey 10
Derek Altoft Abandoned Legacy 10
Geraldine Hillmer Beach Huts 10
Geraldine Hillmer Frozen Lake 10
Gordon Steel After The Rain 10
Jill Brown Mountain Abbey - Zell 10
Neil Weston Bakestonedale Moor 10
Neil Weston The Gathering 10
Andrew Twambley Man in a Hat 9
Andrew Twambley War Horse 9
Gary Schultz Boats 9
Geraldine Hillmer Groynes 9
Geraldine Hillmer Rooftops, Tobermory 9
Gordon Steel Hebden Bridge 9
John Dennis Manchester 9
John Dennis Victoria Baths 9
Kevin Lee Lines of Light 9
Michael Hilton Cliff Top, Yesnaby 9
Neil Weston Pisa 9
Neil Weston Winter Walk 9
Roy Bowden Little House on the Prairie 9
Bill Salkeld Steel and Stone 8
Bill Salkeld Winter in the City 8
Gary Schultz Sea Grass 8
Gordon Steel Fountains Abbey 8
Gordon Steel Temple Guardian 8
Jon Sellers Castle Tempest 8
Jon Sellers Lavatera with a Twist 8
Arthur Goodwright Oak Tree Rendezvous 7
John Dennis Port Erin 7
Jon Sellers Stoneleigh Abbey Gatehouse 7

General Colour Print

Author Title Score Position
Geraldine Hillmer Forest Winter 13 1st Winner
Dave Griffiths Friday Night at the Ballgame 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
Michael Hilton Against The Wind 12 3rd Highly Commended
Andrew Twambley Trepidation 12 4th Commended
Alan Angel Mrs Bennett 12
Andrew Twambley Nile Morning 12
Chris Hills Spectral Staircase 12
Dave Griffiths Ghosts of the Turbine Hall 12
Derek Altoft Whitby Pier 12
Gary Schultz The Peak District 12
Geraldine Hillmer The Dredger 12
Geraldine Hillmer Tulips 12
Kevin Lee Moons of Venice 11
Kevin Lee Sunset Storm 11
Alan Angel Zebra Crossing 11
Andrew Twambley Bruges (Rozenhoedkaai) 11
Chris Hills Final Bend 11
Dave Griffiths Age Shall Not Weary Them 11
Dave Griffiths Taking The Lead 11
David Lewis Frost 11
Derek Altoft Storm Sail 11
Gordon Steel Castlefields 11
Gordon Steel The New Manchester 11
Jill Brown Winters Frost 11
Ken Stables French Doorway 11
Michael Hilton Ice Bound 11
Michael Hilton Purple Haze 11
Neil Weston Lucca 11
Kevin Lee Broken Love 10
Chris Hills Cityscape - New and Old 10
Chris Hills Race Day Rain 10
David Lewis Star Ferry 10
Derek Altoft Life on the Norfolk Broads 10
Gary Schultz Imperial War Museum North 10
Jill Brown Morning Light 10
John Dennis Follow My Leader 10
Jon Sellers Asleep at the Wheel 10
Ken Stables Tobermory 10
Alan Angel Elephant 9
Brian Smith Silecroft Beach 9
Brian Smith The Beach to Ourselves 9
Derek Altoft Whitby Marina 9
Gary Schultz Refelctions 9
Geraldine Hillmer Beach Huts from the Dunes 9
John Dennis Tranquil Backwater 9
Ken Stables Iona Abbey Cloisters 9
Ken Stables Meditation 9
Kevin Lee Carribbean Sunrise 9
Michael Hilton The Rowing Boat 9
Michael Wood …Sunny with early mist, clearing slowly 9
Michael Wood The Head of the Fjord 9
Neil Weston Broad Haven - Pembrokeshire 9
Neil Weston Machine Medley 9
Neil Weston Ropey 9
John Dennis A Toast to Science 8
Jon Sellers Afternoon Shade 8
Jon Sellers Skiathos Sunset 8
Roy Bowden A Sunny Corner 8
Michael Wood Grrr, it's mine! 6

Natural History Print

Author Title Score Position
Dave Griffiths Redshank 15 1st Winner
Dave Griffiths Stag at Dawn 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
Andrew Twambley Squacco Heron 12 3rd Highly Commended
Andrew Twambley Great White Egret with Fish 13 3rd Highly Commended
Alan Angel Rhino Charging 12
Andrew Twambley Squacco Heron chick 12
John Dennis Hooded Vulture 12
John Dennis Wattled Plover 12
Roy Bowden Pussy Ears 12
Alan Angel Zebras 11
Dave Griffiths Puffin with Sandeels 11
Dave Griffiths Rocky Mountain Coyote 11
Derek Altoft Honeybee on Dhalia 11
Derek Altoft Ladybird and Aphid Prey 11
Derek Altoft Robin with Meal 11
John Dennis Elephant in Kafue River 11
John Dennis Female Puku feeding Young 11
Roy Bowden Woodland Star 11
Stuart Martin Fish Eagle 11
Stuart Martin Lilac Breasted Roller 11
Gary Schultz Red Admiral 10
Jon Sellers Painted Lady 10
Stuart Martin Elephants in Chobe River 10
Stuart Martin Spotted Hyena, Early Morning 10
Alan Angel Impala rutting 9
Gary Schultz Gazanias 9
Jon Sellers Bumblebee 9
Mike Keegan Autumn Beech 9
Derek Altoft Cygnet Preening 8
Gary Schultz Atlantic Grey Seal Colony 8
Jill Brown Beech Tree in Autumn 8
Mike Keegan Mouse with Birdnuts 8
Roy Bowden Arrowleaf Balsamfoot 8
Mike Keegan Garden Snail 7
Brian Smith Proud 6

Portraits and People Print

Author Title Score Position
Michael Hilton World Weary 13 1st Winner
Michael Hilton Desire of the Sun 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
Alan Angel The Prayer 12 3rd Highly Commended
Andrew Twambley Encore 12 4th Commended
Kevin Lee Sketching 12
Andrew Twambley Billy 12
Gary Schultz The Smoker 12
Kevin Lee Lines of Time 11
Alan Angel Joanne 11
Alan Angel Mother and Son 11
Bill Salkeld Going Home 11
Bill Salkeld Into The Darkness 11
Chris Hills Cast of "Come Blow Your Horn" 11
Dave Griffiths Eye Contact 11
Dave Griffiths Fife and Drum 11
Gary Schultz Mani 11
Michael Hilton Always My Own 11
Kevin Lee Catching the Sunset 10
Bill Salkeld Wait For Me 10
David Lewis Up A Tree 10
Jon Sellers Inquisitive 10
Michael Hilton Reaching Through Time 10
Kevin Lee Waiting 9
Brian Smith Banana Boy 9
David Lewis Free Spirit 9
Derek Altoft Security 9
John Dennis A Day at the Races 9
John Dennis Last Minute Adjustments 9
Jon Sellers Bedouin and his Home 9
Jon Sellers The Eyes of a Tiger 9
Brian Smith Pause for Thought 8
Gary Schultz The Accordian Man 8
Mike Keegan Man's Pleasure 8
Mike Keegan Stop Bickering You Two, I'm Hungry 7

General Projection

Author Title Score Position
Michael Hilton Flyaway 13 1st Winner
Andrew Twambley Apocalypse Mickey 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Eyes on the prize 13 3rd Highly Commended
Derek Altoft Walking the dog 12 4th Commended
Kris Worsley Flying 12
Gary Schultz Reflections 12
Derek Altoft Stepping out 12
Neil Weston Wash day 12
Kevin Lee A stroll apart 11
Kevin Lee Doorway to Venice 11
Geraldine Hillmer Sunrise, Mull 11
David Lewis Windows 2008r 11
Dave Griffiths The Matrix 11
Ken Stables Venice 11
Geraldine Hillmer Poppies in the Wind 11
Andrew Twambley Huts in Mist 11
Neil Weston Tubes 11
Roger Lewenden Opposite Lock 11
Kevin Lee Path to the Peaks 10
Bill Salkeld Cheethams Library 10
Roy Bowden Hogweed 10
Chris Hills missing words 10
Bill Salkeld Wheel reflections 10
Roger Lewenden Lyme Hall 10
Roy Bowden Mangroves 10
John Dennis Sundowner Time 10
Geraldine Hillmer Sea Colours, Iona 10
Kevin Lee Holding back paradise 9
Roger Lewenden Edge View 9
Jon Sellers The Treasury - Petra 9
Andrew Twambley Chalk and Cheese 9
Ken Wallace Wells Cathedral 9
Derek Altoft Borrowdale 9
Neil Weston Beached 9
John Dennis Bushfire 9
Jon Sellers Lobelia 9
Chris Hills walking home 9
Derek Altoft Classic MG 9
Bill Salkeld Watching the sunset 9
Roger Lewenden Red1 Red2 9
Roy Bowden Opera house 9
Andrew Twambley Boats at Dusk 9
Gary Schultz Figures in a Lightbox 8
Kris Worsley Untitled 8
Gary Schultz Party shoe 8
Neil Weston Decay 8
Geraldine Hillmer Scarecrows, off duty 8
Jon Sellers Red Sea Sunrise 8
Kris Worsley Woodland at Sunset 8
Jon Sellers Bee in flight 8
Michael Hilton A Blade of Grass 7
Ken Wallace Clifton Suspension Bridge 7
Kris Worsley Woodland Light Painting 7
Ken Wallace Cool Seal 6
Ken Wallace 1½ Silverbacks 6

Natural History Projection

Author Title Score Position
Dave Griffiths Pintail duck in flight 13 1st Winner
Kevin Lee Great egret 14 2nd Very Highly Commended
Kris Worsley Great crested grebe 12 3rd Highly Commended
Michael Hilton Merry dances 12 4th Commended
Roy Bowden Festoons 13
Andrew Twambley Egret's lunch 13
Kris Worsley Arctic Terns in Flight 12
Andrew Twambley Young Egret 12
John Dennis Whitefronted Bee-eater 12
Derek Altoft Painted Lady on Buddlea 12
Dave Griffiths Puffin with Sandeels 12
John Dennis Drone Fly (Eristalis Tenax) 12
Kevin Lee Ghost crab (Ocypode quadrata) 11
Andrew Twambley Hoopooe 11
Michael Hilton Young Black Headed Gull Landing 11
Derek Altoft Basking fly 11
John Dennis Pied Kingfisher 11
Dave Griffiths Guillemot with young 11
Gary Schultz Hover fly on a Spear Thistle 11
John Dennis African Elephant 10
Dave Griffiths Grey Seal 10
Roy Bowden Ptarmigan 10
Gary Schultz Herring Gull with its 3 Chicks 10
Kris Worsley Canada Goose in Flight at Dawn 10
Jon Sellers Bumble Bee - Bombus Terrestris 9
Gary Schultz Atlantic Grey Seal 9
Jon Sellers Hooded Crow - Corvus Cornix 9
Kris Worsley European Otter 9
Roy Bowden Tulip 8
Jon Sellers Seagull - Larus Argentatus 8
Bill Salkeld Morning dew 7
Ken Wallace Swan 6
Ken Wallace Cygnet 6
Gary Schultz Flora and low lying Clouds 6
Ken Stables Barbary Ground Squirel

Portraits and People Projection

Author Title Score Position
Michael Hilton Sculpture 12 1st Winner
Dave Griffiths The manager 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
Derek Altoft The valued customer 12 3rd Highly Commended
Kevin Lee Perhaps tomorrow 12 4th Commended
Chris Hills irish fisherman 12
Kevin Lee Glad I brought the brolly 11
Kevin Lee New brolly please 11
Andrew Twambley Belinda 11
Dave Griffiths Changing the Honor Guard 11
Brian Smith Fun in the Snow 11
Gary Schultz Seniors on the beach 11
Andrew Twambley Oh Lord 11
Chris Hills turkish woman 11
Brian Smith Purple Phase 11
Dave Griffiths The Conversation 11
Derek Altoft Pete, the base player 11
Michael Hilton Martin 11
Brian Smith Slightly Tarnished Copper 10
Jon Sellers Bedouin Boy 10
Derek Altoft Ellis 10
Michael Hilton Rosanna 10
Andrew Twambley Girl in Nice 10
Michael Hilton Rachels Eye 10
Roger Lewenden Mudlarks 10
Dave Griffiths Behind You 10
Kevin Lee Reading light 9
Roger Lewenden Happiness 9
Chris Hills Exchanging glances 9
John Dennis Watch out Lewis Hamilton 9
Derek Altoft A period gentleman 9
Roger Lewenden Mohicans 9
Jon Sellers The Long Ride Home 9
Jon Sellers Innocence 8
Gary Schultz Beach Boy 8
Bill Salkeld Railway fan 8
Neil Weston Rosalind 8
Gary Schultz Trapped 8
Chris Hills modern mods 8
John Dennis Double Sculls 7
Neil Weston Hindu bride 6
Roger Lewenden Catching Sunbeams 6

25 November
Competition 1
Subject: Open – projection

Author Title Score Position
Bill Salkeld Taxi rank 20 First
Dave Griffiths Eyes on the Prize 19 Second
Michael Hilton Seafire 18 Third
Michael Hilton Bla Bheinn 17.5
Andrew Twambley Bruges at Night 17.5
Stuart Martin Deadviei 17.5
Mike Keegan Velodrome 17.5
Gary Schultz Coloured Bobbins 17.5
Bill Salkeld Old Mill visitors 17.5
Roy Bowden Bristlecone pine 17.5
Andrew Twambley The Singer 17.5
Chris Hills Final bend 17
Roy Bowden The road to iraq 17
Derek Altoft Deity 17
David Lewis Grasses 17
Derek Altoft Ladybower's Trees 17
Sylvia B Jones Mid-morning Canter 17
Stuart Martin Dunham 17
Bill Salkeld Freesias 16
Mike Keegan Shining Smoke 16
Margaret Harris Clapper Bridge, Malham 16
Brian Lord Fire Beater 16
Brian Smith Mill Cottages 16
Kevin Lee Elegant Decent 16
Jon Sellars Clematis Boulevard Cezanne 16
Ken Wallace Veggie Variety 16
Chris Hills Spectral staircase 16
John Dennis Tulip 16
Brian Smith Banana Boy 16
Kevin Lee Light blue 16
Roy Bowden In the palm house 16
Ken Stables Reflecting Venice 16
Dave Griffiths Swinging for the Fences 16
Graham Beech Not Seen Him Before 16
Kevin Lee Glad I brought the brolly 16
Jon Sellars Bumblebee - Bombus Terrestris 16
David Lewis Young enthusiast 16
Ken Stables Venice 15
Graham Beech A Stroll In The Park 15
Geraldine Hillmer Frosted Birch Trees 15
Ken Stables Cannaregio by Night 15
Brian Lord Towards the Blinding Light 15
Geraldine Hillmer New life in the Lava 15
Andrew Twambley Storm Over The Resevoir 15
David Lewis Runcorn bridge 15
Brian Lord St Pancras 15
Brian Smith Bread 15
Geraldine Hillmer November on the Common 15
Gary Schultz Deer in Dunham Park 15
Sylvia B Jones Morning Glow 15
Stuart Martin Tatton Gardens 15
Ken Wallace In the Pink 14
Dave Griffiths By The Dawn's Early Light 14
John Dennis Ttake off 14
Neil Weston Alpine thistles 14
Gary Schultz A Perfect Coffee 14
Sylvia B Jones Autumn Mooring 14
Margaret Harris Bondi Beach 14
Neil Weston By the riverside 14
Jon Sellars Forgotten 14
Chris Hills Race day rain 14
John Dennis Under starters orders 14
Derek Altoft The shutter 14
Graham Beech Castle Stalker 12
Mike Keegan 747 'Jumbo' 12
Neil Weston Commando memorial 12
Ken Wallace Feathery Tomatoes 11
Michael Hilton Journey to the Centre of the Earth 10

6 January
Competition 2

General Monochrome Print

Author Title Score Position
Dave Griffiths US Supreme Court, Washington 20 First
Andrew Twambley Blonde 19 Second
Jon Sellers Racing the Storm 18 Third
Kevin Lee Walking with Shadows 17
Derek Altoft Catchism 17
Michael Hilton Decaying Iris leaves 17
Michael Hilton Hydrangea in Winter 17
John Dennis Roan Antelope 17
Dave Griffiths Dandelion 16
Bill Salkeld Four Men and an Old car 16
Gary Schultz Silhouettes in the Bridgewater Canal 16
Andrew Twambley Chalk and Cheese 15
Bill Salkeld Running Smoothly 15
Brian Lord The Balcony 15
John Dennis Tower Crane 15
Brian Lord Fisherman's View 14
Kevin Lee Forgotten Window 14
Michael Hilton Human Landscape 14
Jon Sellers Pavilion Dome at Dawn 14
Jon Sellers The Tea Cottage 14
Gary Schultz Trees 14
John Dennis Victoria Baths 14
Gary Schultz Anchored 13
Roy Bowden Before Breakfast 13
Brian Lord Gathering Storm over Paris 13
Kevin Lee Perhaps Tomorrow 13
Derek Altoft Serenity 13
Roy Bowden Beyond the Grave 12
Andrew Twambley Shooter 12
Roy Bowden The Far North West 12
Ken Stables Decaying Thames Barge 11
Ken Stables Sir Percival 11
Bill Salkeld The Long Wait 11
Ken Stables The Parlimentarian 11

General Colour Print

Author Title Score Position
Kevin Lee Great Egret in Flight 20 First
Andrew Twambley Nile Morning 19 Second
Dave Griffiths Clams, Wings, Oysters, 50c 18 Third
Brian Lord Ancient and Modern 17
Roy Bowden Bleeding Gum 17
Michael Hilton Brief Respite 17
Brian Lord Follow My Lead 17
Gary Schultz The Cloisters at Lorca 17
Andrew Twambley The Guitar Player 17
Stuart Martin African Sunset 16
Mike Keegan Anemone "Coronaria" 16
Jon Sellers Autumn Falls 16
Roy Bowden Mollie's Place 16
Andrew Twambley Pale Hall 16
Gary Schultz Styal Woods 16
Stuart Martin The Seven Sisters 16
Ken Stables Venice Backwater 16
Ken Stables Woodsmoke 16
Kevin Lee Sunset Storm 15
Kevin Lee A Head of the Sunset 15
Michael Hilton Allt Aisridhe Ad Beinn Dearg, Terrin, Skye 15
Stuart Martin Birling Gap 15
Dave Griffiths Lily 15
Jon Sellers Pier Pressure 15
Derek Altoft Rubedica 15
David Lewis Still Water 15
John Dennis Taking on Water 15
Mike Keegan Velodrome 15
Derek Altoft Autumn 14
John Dennis A Pair of Kudu 14
Brian Smith Cornerstone of Government 14
Michael Hilton Sligachan River 14
David Lewis Up The Wall 14
Ken Stables Close Family 13
Dave Griffiths Early Morning Deer 13
John Dennis Floral Art 13
Brian Smith Fun in the Snow 13
Derek Altoft Something Is Lurking In The Garden 13
Brian Lord Sunshine and Shade 13
Roy Bowden After Tea 12
Jon Sellers Asleep at the Wheel 12
Margaret Harris Concentration 12
Gary Schultz Making Waves 12
Brian Smith The Scrum 12
Mike Keegan Trafford Centre Xmas 2009 12

3 February
Competition 3
Subject: Open – projection

Author Title Score Position
Geraldine Hillmer November sunrise 20 First
Kevin Lee Snowdon Light 19 Second
Dave Griffiths By The Dawn's Early Light 18 Third
Kevin Lee Crystal Stream 17
Chris Hills irish fisherman 17
Bill Salkeld They're off ! 17
Stuart Martin Kinder 17
Geraldine Hillmer The dredger 17
Jon Sellers The Ice Lake 17
Andrew Twambley ooh…where's that itch 17
Geraldine Hillmer Misty tulips 17
Dave Griffiths Putting on the Power 17
Graham Beech Winter walk 17
Clare Metcalfe Winter Trees 17
Stuart Martin Winter at Lyme 16
Ken Stables Jeweler using a Birmingham Side Light 16
Kevin Lee Rush from the rain 16
Neil Weston Sand and sky 16
Jonathon Rew-Dixon Hen Cloud 16
David Lewis Going sledging 15
Roy Bowden Festoons 15
Gary Schultz Coloured Bobbins 15
Michael Hilton Take the Lead 15
Jonathon Rew-Dixon Big Sky 15
Clare Metcalfe And Lo, The Red Jacket Appears 15
Neil Weston Silberhorn 15
Gary Schultz Snowy Trees 15
Michael Hilton Afterglow 14
Dave Griffiths Royal Exchange 14
Andrew Twambley Goodbye Mr Fox 13
Jonathon Rew-Dixon The Beacon, Culmstock 13
Derek Altoft Autumn Bridge 13
John Dennis poppies and campion 13
David Lewis My cup runneth over 13
Brian Lord Roman Underground Cystern - Istanbul 13
Brian Lord Lost in Paris 12
Neil Weston Alpine idyll 12
Brian Lord Frost Melting on Holly Berries 12
Gary Schultz Blackbird with cotoneaster berry in beak 12
Derek Altoft Line dance 12
John Dennis the 9 oclock train on platform 4 12
Stuart Martin Sharm Sunset 12
Michael Hilton Knockout 12
David Lewis The bottom line 12
Jon Sellers Winter Sun at the Arches 12
Ken Wallace Shepherd's Delight 11
Margaret Harris Dunham Mill 11
Graham Beech Morning mist in Ronda 11
Jon Sellers Yuletide at the Ha 11
Clare Metcalfe Delicious Temptations 11
Brian Smith Weekend 11
Roy Bowden Pain on Main 11
Margaret Harris Frosted Grass 11
Chris Hills vase in the sun 11
Bill Salkeld Yep,its in there 11
Graham Beech Winter sun on the river 11
Ken Stables Chinese New Year Parade 11
Brian Smith Winter shadows 11
Roy Bowden Four limes 11
Chris Hills no customers left 11
Derek Altoft Wired for snow 11
John Dennis Go easy on the brakes 10
Brian Smith Croatian House 10
Andrew Twambley Down By The Riverside 10
Ken Wallace Auld Reekie Sky 10
Ken Wallace Auld Reekie Sunrise 10
Margaret Harris Fan Vaulting 10
Bill Salkeld Sunday afternoon 10
Ken Stables Fractured Image 10

3 March
Competition 4
Subject: Open – print


Author Title Score Position
Gerladine Hillmer Winter Sunrise 20 First
Stuart Martin Kinder 19 = Second
John Dennis In The Grip of Winter 19 = Second
Dave Griffiths The Ballgame 18
John Dennis After the Bushfire 17
Kevin Lee Quay of Time 16
Derek Altoft At the 11th Hour 16
Neil Weston Into the Final Straight 16
Ken Stables Peacock 16
Gary Schultz Rainbow Light 16
Michael Hilton Safe Landing 16
Gary Schultz Snowy Motorway Slip Road 16
Stuart Martin Swiss Gold 16
Roy Bowden Aster 15
David Lewis Auditorium 15
Brian Smith Banana Boy 15
Roy Bowden Christmas Morning 15
Jon Sellars New Day on Snowdon 15
Michael Hilton Penmon Point 15
Gerladine Hillmer Sailing to the Reef 15
Andrew Twambley Starlings over the Manor 15
Kevin Lee The Bridge Home 14
Dave Griffiths Age Shall Not Weary Them 14
Neil Weston Beach Huts 14
Andrew Twambley Blitz 14
Dave Griffiths By The Dawn's Early Light 14
Derek Altoft High Flyer 14
John Dennis Lost Souls 14
Brian Lord Martin 14
Neil Weston Mellor Meadow 14
Alan Angel Misty Morn 14
Jill Brown Peeling Paint 14
David Lewis Prickly Subject 14
Chris Hills Race for the Line 14
Ken Stables Rialto Bridge 14
Brian Smith The Beach to Ourselves 14
Stuart Martin The Peaks 14
Ken Stables Tobermory 14
Jon Sellars Winter Wonderland 14
Brian Lord African Oyster Catcher 13
Jon Sellars Crooked Tree Valley 13
Brian Lord Mighty Mollusc 13
Michael Hilton Mystery Cove 13
Alan Angel Sun Set 13
Roy Bowden The Road to Iraq 13
Kevin Lee Columns of History 12
Derek Altoft Forgotten 12
Jill Brown Leading the Flock Home 12
Gary Schultz Sunset Watercolour 12
Andrew Twambley Thinking of Tomorrow 12
Jill Brown Distant Horizons 11
Chris Hills Hair Rasining Ride 11
Chris Hills Only One Free Chair Left 11


Author Title Score Position
Derek Altoft 16,000 Remembered 20 First
Geraldine Hillmer Frozen Lake 19 Second
Kevin Lee Sketching 18 Third
Andrew Tawmbley The Traveller 17
Michael Hilton Winter Frosts 17
Andrew Tawmbley Through the Barricades 16
Derek Altoft Going Nowhere Fast 15
Bill Salkeld Admiration 14
John Dennis Elephant in the Grass 14
Bill Salkeld Flywheel 14
Geraldine Hillmer Golden Gate 14
John Dennis Manchester 14
Derek Altoft Nossa Senhora de Monte 14
Roy Bowden Silver Birch 14
Michael Hilton Vanishing Point 14
Roy Bowden Whiteout 14
Kevin Lee Reading Light 13
John Dennis Whiteout 13
Dave Griffiths Baltimore Backstreet 13
Brian Lord Casting Off 13
Bill Salkeld Checking the Furnace 13
Kevin Lee Domes of Venice 13
Neil Weston Jungfrau Glacier 13
Jill Brown The Lonely Bench 13
Dave Griffiths Waiting 13
Jon Sellars After The Storm 12
Gary Schultz Concentration 12
Neil Weston Evening at Loch Leven 12
Jon Sellars Frosty Flow 12
Gary Schultz Shadows in the Snow 12
Brian Lord The Naken Heron 12
Jill Brown Towards Orton Scar 12
Jill Brown Which way now, Dad? 12
Andrew Tawmbley A View Over the Thames 11
Neil Weston Across the Chasm 11
Brian Lord After a Thousand Tides 11
Michael Hilton Give Me Strength 11
Roy Bowden Plastered 11
Jon Sellars Snowy Silence 11
Alan Angel The Path 11
Gary Schultz Winter Wonderland 11

24 March
Competition 5
Subject: Lines – projection

Author Title Score Position
Michael Hilton A Curve in the Sand 20 First
Kevin Lee Lighting the way home 19 Second
Roy Bowden Mondrian in the gutter 18 Third
Dave Griffiths Rush Hour 17
Bill Salkeld Tram lines 17
John Dennis Lines - a school discipline 17
A Twambley Body Light 17
Brian Lord The grass is always greener 17
Roy Bowden Three reeds 17
Neil Weston Pattern from the past 17
Michael Hilton Paper Shades 16
Kevin Lee Celebrating the museum 16
Stuart Martin Lindow patterns 16
Neil Weston Streamlined 16
Derek Altoft Ageless Names 16
A Twambley Sands 16
Ken Stables Little boxes all in a row 16
Gary Schultz Barrier Lines 16
Jon Sellers Misty Trees 16
Derek Altoft Ancient Boundaries 16
Bill Salkeld Lines in snow 16
Dave Griffiths Reminder of Memorial Day 16
A Twambley City Hall 16
Gary Schultz Light Lines 15
Brian Lord Invitation to tea 15
Roy Bowden Taxi rank 15
David Lewis Bamboo 15
Jon Sellers Across The Bridge 15
Chris Hills leaves on the lines 15
Brian Smith Window Lines 15
Ken Wallace Female Contours 15
Brian Lord Last train three years ago 15
Dave Griffiths The Matrix 15
Neil Weston Roof lines 15
Chris Hills electric py-lines 15
Brian Smith Walking the Line 15
Ken Wallace View to the Street 15
Gary Schultz Lines in the Sand 15
Jon Sellers Game Set and Match 15
Derek Altoft Dusk Curtain2 15
Bill Salkeld From platform 6 15
Brian Smith End of the Line 15
John Dennis Red signals, no trains 15
Margaret Harris Trunk lines 15
Ken Wallace Power Ahead 14
John Dennis Heading for the hills 14
Margaret Harris Power lines 14
Stuart Martin The Door 14
Margaret Harris Outlines 14
Ken Stables Drying lines 14
Michael Hilton Beach Boulder 14
Stuart Martin Sea defences 14
Kevin Lee Veins of life 14
Ken Stables Charlie 14

5 May
Competition 6
Subject: to be set by judge - print

Author Title Score Position
Brian Smith H2Ose 20 First
Dave Griffiths Early Morning Dew 19 Second
Brian Smith ….off a duck's back 18 Third
Kevin Lee Forming Quartet 17
Brian Lord Tumbling Textures 17
Michael Hilton Drop in the Deep 17
Andrew Twambley Medium Wave 16
Chris Hills A Bigger Splash 16
Chris Hills Storm in a teacup 16
Geraldine Hillmer Reflections 16
Margaret Harris Monsal Weir 16
Michael Hilton Elgol Evening 16
Michael Hilton Shattered Spheres 16
Roy Bowden Round and Round and Round 16
Kevin Lee Frozen Element of Winter 15
Derek Altoft Ripples and Reflections 15
Geraldine Hillmer Sea Foam 15
Andrew Twambley Walter's Wellies on a Wet Wednesday in Woolacombe 14
Dave Griffiths Gargoyle 14
Derek Altoft Lakeside 14
Geraldine Hillmer Wild Coast 14
Roy Bowden Just a Drop of Milk 14
Brian Lord April Showers 13
John Dennis Tranquil Backwater 13
Jon Sellers Nile Sunset 13
Neil Weston After The Storm 13
Neil Weston On Loch Linnie 13
Neil Weston Wet Night in the City 13
Kevin Lee Water Cascade 12
Andrew Twambley Pistyll Rhaedr 12
Brian Smith Letting in Water 12
Jon Sellers Daybreak at Dovestone 12
Chris Hills Watersport 11
John Dennis Bunbury Water Mill 11
Jon Sellers Marbury Church Across Big Mere 11
Bill Salkeld Romance By The River 10
Bill Salkeld Water for leisure 10
Bill Salkeld Water in Architecture 10
Brian Lord The Greta in Winter 10
Gary Schultz High Speed Water Cooled Dental Drill 10
Gary Schultz Water on Tap 10
Roy Bowden Be Afraid 10
Dave Griffiths Moorhen 9
Gary Schultz Salt Lake - Tunisia 9
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