Internal Results 2010-2011 Year

Internal Results 2010/2011

20 October 2010
Annual Competition

General Colour Print

Author Title Score Position
Geraldine Hilmer Winter Sunrise 14 1st Winner
Jon Sellers Neglected 13 2nd Very Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Oriole Park at Camden Yards 13 3rd Highly Commended
Kevin Lee Magnifying the Paris Skyline 12 4th Commended
Kevin Lee Power of the Elements 12
David Lewis Up the Wall 12
Michael Hilton Elgol Evening 12
Gary Schultz "Life's an Uphill Struggle" 12
Dave Griffiths By the Dawn's Early Light 12
Michael Hilton Battered Shores 12
Dave Griffiths Teazles 11
Andrew Twambley Ty Coch 11
Kris Worsley Avocet in the Twilight 11
Chris Hills Boules 11
Brian Lord On the Edge 11
Kevin Lee A View of Travel 11
Geraldine Hilmer At the End of the Jetty 11
Kevin Lee Elements of Snowdonia 10
Michael Hilton Brief Respite 10
Brian Smith Horse Guards 10
Gary Schultz Spanish Mist 2 10
John Dennis Wild Flower Meadow 10
Jon Sellers Dunstanburgh Rocks 10
Neil Weston Wet Night in the City 10
Brian Smith Time for Reflection 10
Brian Lord Ancient and Modern 10
Andrew Twambley Double Roll Top 10
Dave Griffiths Into the Corner 10
Neil Weston Mellor Meadow 10
Michael Hilton Allt Aisridh 10
Kris Worsley Cormorants in the Sound of Iona 9
Gary Schultz Tunisian Balcony 9
Brian Lord The Curves of the Lilly 9
Ken Stables Venice Backwater 9
David Lewis Auditorium 9
Ken Stables Smoke Drifting Through Woods 9
Kris Worsley Eider Chick on the Shore at Last Light 9
Jon Sellers Gardener's Rest 9
Chris Hills Canoist 9
Neil Weston Beach Huts 9
Alan Angel Mr Draper Gets a Yellow 9
Gary Schultz Spanish Mist 1 9
John Dennis King of the Road 9
Chris Hills A Bigger Splash 9
Ken Stables The South Yorkshireman 9
Jon Sellers Amble Pier 9
Ken Stables Conwy Morning Light 9
Andrew Twambley Cross Country 9
John Dennis The Red Arrows 9
Neil Weston Into the Final Straight 8
Andrew Twambley Bardsey Island 8
Brian Smith …. "Off a Duck's Back" 8
Kris Worsley Great Tit 8
Chris Hills Round the World Sailing 8
Brian Smith Old and New 7
David Lewis Prickly Subject 7
David Lewis Calm Reflections 7

General Monochrome Print

Author Title Score Position
Michael Hilton Decaying Iris Leaves 14 1st Winner
Kevin Lee Stormy Relationship 13 2nd Very Highly Commended
Michael Hilton Hydrangeas in Winter 12 3rd Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths U.S. Supreme Court Building 12 4th Commended
Andrew Twambley Manchester 13
Kevin Lee Driving Rain 12
Alan Angel Eyeing Him Up 12
Michael Hilton Winter Frosts 12
Alan Angel Young Prospect 11
Brian Lord Evening Storm Gathering over Paris 11
Brian Lord Only Two for Dinner 11
Chris Hills Kiss Outside the Cinema 11
Dave Griffiths The Sentinel 10
Jon Sellers Downtrodden 10
Gary Schultz Walkway Shadows 10
Andrew Twambley Goodbye Mr Fox 10
Gary Schultz Trees in Heaton Park 10
Brian Lord The Balcony 10
Jon Sellers Cragside 10
Jon Sellers The Old Mill Cottage 10
Brian Lord Death of a Cobweb 9
Michael Hilton Rows in Time 9
Chris Hills Pop Singer 9
David Lewis Waiting for the Ferry 9
Kevin Lee Arches of the Abbey 9
Andrew Twambley Early Morning Siena Province 9
David Lewis Into the Setting Sun 9
Dave Griffiths Waiting 9
Kevin Lee Reel Sport 9
Neil Weston Jungfrau Glacier 9
David Lewis Big Guns 9
Neil Weston Evening at Loch Leven 9
Gary Schultz Snowy Trees 9
David Lewis Misty Day on the Peak 9
Neil Weston Across the Chasm 8
Andrew Twambley Blonde 8
Jon Sellers Smailholm Tower 8
Chris Hills Palm Tree Shadow 7

Portraits and People Print

Author Title Score Position
Andrew Twambley Rock God 13 1st Winner
Michael Hilton Umbrella Man 11 2nd Very Highly Commended
Andrew Twambley Through the Baricades 12 3rd Highly Commended
Michael Hilton Face of Libya 12 4th Commended
Andrew Twambley Bill 12
Andrew Twambley Maximo Park 12
Alan Angel Callow Youth 12
Kevin Lee Waiting for Love 11
Kevin Lee Life on the Range 11
Alan Angel Little Jasmin 11
Dave Griffiths Smiling on the Inside 10
Jon Sellers Setting Sail 10
Chris Hills Tears in the Fountain 10
Michael Hilton Awaiting the Parade 10
David Lewis Laid Back 10
Chris Hills Eye on the Bowl 10
John Dennis His Pride and Joy 9
John Dennis Nothing Stops the Mail 9
Jon Sellers Catch of the Day 9
David Lewis On the Ropes 9
David Lewis Free Spirit 9
Chris Hills Fashion Show - Blue Dress 9
Brian Lord Snapshot of Japanese Tourist 9
Gary Schultz Youssef 9
John Dennis Traction Engine Driver 9
David Lewis Isabel 9
Gary Schultz Troglodite Women 9
Gary Schultz Nicole 8
Chris Hills Match of the Day 8
Michael Hilton Physique 8
Gary Schultz May and Ada 6

Natural History Print

Author Title Score Position
Kris Worsley White Tailed Eagle 13 1st Winner
Kris Worsley European Otters, Mother and Cub, Playfighting 13 2nd Very Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Common Blue 13 3rd Highly Commended
Kris Worsley European Otter 13 4th Commended
Dave Griffiths Mating Damselflies 13
Dave Griffiths Little Grebe with Eggs 13
Kris Worsley Narcissus Vole 13
Kevin Lee Dragonfly (Odonata Epiprocta) 12
John Dennis Marabou Stork 11
John Dennis Whitefronted Bee Eaters 11
Kevin Lee Pair of Great White Egrets 11
Jon Sellers Fallow Deer (Dama Dama) 10
John Dennis Orb Web Spider (Araneus Quadratus) 10
Gary Schultz Caution Dromedaries 9
Dave Griffiths Puffin with Sandeels 9
John Dennis Hippo at Sunset 7

General Projection

Author Title Score Position
David Lewis Call of the Surf 12 1st Winner
Brian Lord the three degrees 13 2nd Very Highly Commended
Kevin Lee Louvre Luminescence 13 3rd Highly Commended
Dave Griffiths Poppy 11 4th Commended
Gary Schultz Coloured Bobbins 12
Kevin Lee Patterns of the workhouse 11
Michael Hilton Seafire 11
Roger Lewenden Road Narrows 11
Dave Griffiths Rememberance 11
Chris Hills Sandal Power 11
Dave Griffiths Waiting 11
Kevin Lee Last voyage 11
Kris Worsley Barn Owl backlit at dawn 10
Dave Griffiths Osteospurmum 10
Brian Lord the grass is always greener 10
Andrew Twambley a family affair 10
John Fallows Monsal Dale Weir 10
Gary Schultz Iced Pepsi 10
Ken Stables Race you ! 10
Michael Hilton Bla Bheinn 10
Andrew Twambley the narrow street 10
Chris Hills Flying Along 10
Peter Layhe Northern War Museum 10
Jon Sellers BLUE SHUTTERS 10
Michael Hilton Desert Sunflowers 10
Andrew Twambley snowden in cloud 10
David Lewis The bottom line 10
Jon Sellers VORTEX 10
Brian Lord noughts & crosses 10
Andrew Twambley spiral flame 10
Neil Weston In a whirl 9
Roger Lewenden The Dream 9
John Dennis Big boys toys 9
John Fallows Derwentwater Boats and Cat Bells 9
Chris Hills Bridge Jumper 9
Colin Caygill Catrmel in the Floods 9
Lise Stephansen Autumn 9
Brian Smith Imperial War Museum 9
Kris Worsley Camo Grouse 9
Neil Weston Sand and sky 9
John Dennis Riding the surf 9
Chris Hills Lone Hut 9
Colin Caygill Styal Country Park 9
Lise Stephansen Snow in Cheshire 9
Brian Smith Leaking Barges 9
Jane Caygill The Kinabatangan River 9
Kris Worsley Red Deer through the trees at dawn 9
Roger Lewenden A Moment to Remember 9
John Dennis Safari balloon 9
Lise Stephansen Sun Flowers 9
Kevin Lee Tudor reflections 9
Brian Lord eco warriors Paris 9
Gary Schultz Snowy Motorway Slip-Road 9
Kris Worsley Swallows on the wire 9
Neil Weston Commando memorial 9
Roger Lewenden Market Colours 9
Ken Stables Morning Mist 9
Peter Layhe For the Lady 8
Ken Stables Reflecting Venice 8
David Lewis Grasses 8
Peter Layhe Slainto 8
Neil Weston Alpine idyll 8
David Lewis My cup runneth over 8
Brian Smith Vibrant 8
Ken Stables All together now - Click 8
Lise Stephansen The Red Boat 8
Gary Schultz Bird on a Tree 8
Jane Caygill Lazy River 7

Portraits and People Projection

Author Title Score Position
Andrew Twambley fiddlin' 12 1st Winner
Andrew Twambley foul 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
Ken Stables Jeweler using a Birmingham Side Light 12 3rd Highly Commended
Michael Hilton From the Ground Up 12 4th Commended
Roger Lewendon Small Audience 12
John Dennis You wouldn't say that if my dad was driving 11
Andrew Twambley Halt 11
Michael Hilton Midnight Light 11
Michael Hilton Friends 11
Andrew Twambley skimmin' the surface 11
Dave Griffiths Eyes Right 10
Chris Hills Scary or What 10
Kevin Lee Mirror mirror on the wall 10
Kevin Lee New Nikon trials continue 9
Colin Caygill Girls Night Out 9
Roger Lewendon Beach Boule 9
Lise Stephansen cool dude 9
David Lewis Blue tongue 9
Brian Lord the entertainer 9
Michael Hilton Fall from Grace 9
Colin Caygill Trust in Me 9
John Dennis In the swim 9
Gary Schultz Hannah 9
Dave Griffiths Union Jack 9
David Lewis Young enthusiast 9
Kevin Lee Home 'sweat' home 9
Brian Lord Helping Hand 9
Peter Layhe Hot inspection 9
John Dennis Didn't we have a trailer when we left 9
Gary Schultz Les Girls 9
Lise Stephansen The boys 9
Chris Hills Fashion Show - Beige Dress 9
Kevin Lee Two's company 9
Jon Sellers PARTY GIRL 9
Chris Hills Fashion Show - Red Scarf 9
Peter Layhe Making Cranford 8
Jon Sellers BAD HAIR DAY 8
Peter Layhe Coming through 8
Roger Lewendon Fishmonger 8
Chris Hills Bathing Belles plan their day 8
Jon Sellers THE LONE PIPER 7
Gary Schultz Yvette 7
Lise Stephansen olivia 7
Colin Caygill At the Races 7
Roger Lewendon Fisherfolk 7
Lise Stephansen The smile 7

Natural History Projection

Author Title Score Position
Kevin Lee Redl Lily Beetles 12 1st Winner
Kevin Lee Great White Egret 12 2nd Very Highly Commended
John Dennis Malachite Kingfisher 13 3rd Highly Commended
John Dennis Crowned Crane 11 4th Commended
John Fallows Fly Agaric 11
John Dennis Saddlebilled Stork 11
Kris Worsley Robin 11
Dave Griffiths Five Spot Burnet Moth 10
Kris Worsley Kite Eyes 10
Dave Griffiths Grey Seal 10
Dave Griffiths Kingfisher 10
Kris Worsley Fly lifting off from a nettle leaf 10
Brian Lord dandelion parachutes 9
Ken Stables Barbary Ground Squirrel 9
Jane Caygill Crawly 9
Gary Schultz Female Scarce Copper Butterfly on Lavender 9
Brian Lord fledgling sparrowhawk in my garden 9
Kris Worsley European Otter Cub at rest 9
Gary Schultz Stork Family Nest 9
John Fallows A Garden Friend 9
Gary Schultz Blackird with Cotoneaster Berry in Beak 9
Dave Griffiths Mallard with young 9
John Dennis African Fish Eagle 8
Colin Caygill I Should Have Moved the Leaf 8
Brian Lord gullwing 8
Peter Layhe Westonbirt 7
Jane Caygill The Whirlpool 7

Competition #1 - Open - Print
Date for hand-in: Wednesday 3 November
Competition date: Wednesday 17 November

Colour Print

Author Title Score Position
Kevin Lee Magnifying the Paris Skyline 20 First
Jon Sellers Gardener's Rest 19 Second
Michael Hilton Last Light 19 Third
Gary Schultz Life's an Uphill Struggle 19
Jon Sellers Neglected 19
Ken Stables Pierre - Blacksmith 19
Kris Worsley White-Tailed Eagle 19
Ken Stables Graham Moss - Printer 19
Jon Sellers Waiting 18
Ian Jardine Hope Dawns 18
Brian Lord The Three Degrees 18
Stuart Martin The Treck 18
Kevin Lee The Arc in Architecture 18
Ian Jardine Blue Eyes 18
Michael Hilton Rainbow's End 18
Andrew Twambley Maximo Park 18
Kris Worsley European Otters, Mother and Cub, Playfighting 17
John Dennis Wild Flowering Meadow 17
Gary Schultz Spanish Mist 17
Andrew Twambley Cloud over Snowdon 17
Kris Worsley European Otter 17
Brian Lord A Fair Wind and an Ebb Tide 17
Andrew Twambley Skimmin' the Surface 17
Dave Griffiths Little Grebe with Chick 17
John Dennis The Red Arrows 17
Chris Hills Fashion Show - Blue Dress 17
Neil Weston Beacon Mill 16
Stuart Martin Surf School 16
Michael Hilton Desert Storm 16
Brian Lord Fallow Deer Surprised at Sunrise 16
Chris Hills Boules 16
Dave Griffiths Inseparable 16
David Lewis On the Ropes 15
Ian Jardine Path to Sunlight 15
Neil Weston Under the Rainbow 15
Brian Smith Horse Guards 15
Chris Hills Tears in the Fountain 15
Gary Schultz Reflections 15
Brian Smith Time for Reflection 15
Neil Weston Where's the Food? 15
Stuart Martin Ready for Action 15
Ken Stables Teazel 14
Kevin Lee Rush Hour in Havana 14
John Dennis Hippo at Sunset 14
Dave Griffiths Pansies 13

Mono Print

Author Title Score Position
Andrew Twambley Playing for United 20 First
Kevin Lee Life on the Range 19 Second
Ian Jardine "You Can Leave your Hat on" 19 Third
Kevin Lee Stormy Relationship 19
Andrew Twambley Early Morning Mist 19
Kevin Lee The Tomb of the Emperor 18
Gary Schultz Wonderment 18
Brian Lord Exiting Druids Corner at Oulton Park 18
Neil Weston The Gathering Storm 18
Neil Weston Birling Gap 17
Michael Hilton Umbrella Men 17
Andrew Twambley Living the Dream 17
David Lewis Big Guns 17
Michael Hilton Awaiting the Parade 17
Ian Jardine Ladybower 17
Jon Sellers Whiskers 17
David Lewis Waiting for the Ferry 16
Jon Sellers The Fiddler 16
Ken Stables Woodsmoke 16
David Lewis Into the Setting Sun 16
Dave Griffiths The Sentinels 16
Jon Sellers Approaching Shadows 16
Pat Sawas Still Life with an Eastern Flavour 15
Pat Sawas Beggar Woman in a World of her Own 15
Michael Hilton Scene on the Tram 15
Neil Weston Action and Reaction 15
Gary Schultz Walkway Shadows 14
Adam Lloyd London Bus 14
Gary Schultz Dancing Light 14
Brian Lord Ink Cap Mushrooms (Coprinopsis atramentaris) 14
Dave Griffiths Penmon Point 14
Brian Lord Lilly 14
Adam Lloyd Thank you Face for my Home 13

Competition #2 - Open - Projection
Date for hand-in: Wednesday 8 December
Competition date: Wednesday 5 January

Author Title Score Position
Adam Lloyd The Awakening 20 First
Dave Griffiths Green Light 19 Second
Ken Stables School's Out 18 Third
Andrew Twambley wakeboarding 17
Chris Hills Lone hut 17
Kevin Lee Louvre Luminescence 16
Kevin Lee Red lily beetles 16
Andrew Twambley Fiddlin' 16
Pat Sawas A Touch of Winter Colour 16
Stuart Martin The thieving gull 16
Adam Lloyd Into the clouds 16
|Ian Jardine Emily 15
Michael Hilton Court of the Patriarchs 15
Gary Schultz Hey you! Remember to put your cigarette ends in the bin! 15
Dave Griffiths Forget Me Not 15
Colin Caygill Pelican 15
Jon Sellers Clematis - Doctor Ruppel 15
John Dennis Smoke trails 15
Pat Sawas A Winter Ramble 15
Kevin Lee Patterns of the workhouse 15
Jon Sellers Cragside 14
Stuart Martin Two little Africans 14
Ken Stables Last leaves First Snow 14
Michael Wood Glacial Lake, Skjorden 14
Brian Lord Coming to get you 14
Michael Hilton Cable Mountain 14
Gary Schultz In over my head! 14
John Fallows Derwentwater Boats and Cat Bells 14
Michael Wood Hungry Highlander 14
Bill Salkeld Wait for it 14
Ian Jardine Racing Colours 14
John Dennis Last light 14
John Fallows A Garden Friend 14
Pat Sawas In The Zone 14
Graham Beech Flower Girl 13
Adam Lloyd Two bridges 13
Ian Jardine Bridal Reflection 13
Neil Weston A host of oasts 13
Chris Hills stripes in stone 13
Jon Sellers Palace Reflections 13
Andrew Twambley Eurasian Lynx early morning yawn; Bavarian National Forest 13
Ken Stables Polo Practice 13
Dave Griffiths Gull 13
Colin Caygill Desert at Dawn 12
Bill Salkeld Evening Service 12
John Dennis Reflections of Autumn 12
John Fallows Fly Agaric - Amanita Muscaria 12
Bill Salkeld Stanage Edge 1 12
Roger Lewendon LymePark 12
Graham Beech Sunset in Majorca 12
Brian Lord Touchdown 12
Roger Lewendon Trentabank 12
Graham Beech Siesta time in Marrakech 12
Stuart Martin Hanging out in Sorento 12
Michael Hilton Incoming! 12
Michael Wood Frost with Thaw 12
Brian Lord The bend in the boardwalk 12
Neil Weston Choice Blend 11
Colin Caygill Morning Prayer 11
Neil Weston Sundown at St John's Lindow 11
Gary Schultz My feet are killing me! 11
Roger Lewendon QuietCorner 10
Chris Hills Sandle power 10

Competition #3 - Open - Print
Competition date: Wednesday 2 February

Colour Print

Author Title Score Position
Michael Hilton Rock Climb 20 First
Andrew Twambley Hungry Eyes 19 Second
Kevin Lee Purple Haze 19 Third
Derek Altoft Fell Water 19
Dave Griffiths Wallasey Sunset 19
Kevin Lee Power of the Elements 18
Andrew Twambley Lazin' on a Log 18
Margaret Harris Whitby Abbey 18
Gary Schultz Winter Bracken 18
Jon Sellers Blue Shutters 18
Dave Griffiths Lion in Winter 18
Michael Hilton Early Sunlight 17
Jon Sellers Never Forget 17
Ken Stables Comedienne 17
Derek Altoft From the Coastal Path 17
Dave Griffiths Vantage Point 17
Ken Stables Souvenir 17
Stuart Martin Red Deer Warning 17
Jon Sellers Bohemian Waterway 17
Alan Angel Samina 17
Kevin Lee Triumph of the Obelisk 16
Brian Lord Britain's Got Talent 16
Stuart Martin Blea Tarn 16
John Dennis Stretton Watermill 16
Alan Angel County's First Goal 16
Colin Caygill Dependence 16
John Dennis Rail Buffs 16
Stuart Martin Whitesand Bay 15
John Dennis Out of the Running 15
Margaret Harris Poppies on the Downs 15
John Fallows Lakeland Reflections 14
Gary Schultz Common Golden-Eye 14
Neil Weston Dun Fishin' 14
Brian Lord Push Start 14
Brian Smith The Mask 14
Adam Lloyd Sky Light 14
Ken Stables Le Pont D'Avignon 14
Michael Hilton Life Cycle 14
Gary Schultz Sunset over the Marais 13
Andrew Twambley Last Dig Before Bedtime 13
Colin Caygill Desert Portrait 13
Neil Weston Cuckmere Haven 13
Derek Altoft Lakeview, Chatsworth 13
Sylvia Jones Ullswater Reflections 12
Brian Smith Just Like My Dad 12
Sylvia Jones Party City 12
Brian Lord Pool of Reflections 12
Colin Caygill Photoshoot 12

Mono Print

Author Title Score Position
Jon Sellers Ebb and Flow 20 First
Kevin Lee Driving Rain 19 Second
John Dennis Tiger Moth on Southport Beach 19 Third
Jon Sellers Abbey Arches 19
Michael Hilton Winter Frosts 19
Dave Griffiths Blue Odyssey 18
Andrew Twambley The Singer 18
Michael Hilton Bar Code 17
Alan Angel Lorenzo 17
John Dennis Wrinkles 17
Dave Griffiths Rain Stopped Play 17
Andrew Twambley Walking Home for Breakfast 17
Alan Angel Shra, La, La Sumerbee 17
Andrew Twambley First Light on Lake Vyrnwy 17
Neil Weston On the Shore at Shoreham 16
Kevin Lee Power of a Dakota 16
John Fallows Blea Tarn 16
Gary Schultz Frosted Glass 16
Jon Sellers Setting Sail 16
John Dennis Henry Street Bridge 16
Brian Lord Stone and Steel 16
Kevin Lee Emblem of a Classic 16
Gary Schultz Afternoon Nap 16
Colin Caygill Self Portrait 16
Adam Lloyd Silent Conversation 15
Neil Weston Seaside Contre Jour 15
Dave Griffiths Online 15
Brian Lord Cloisters 15
Gary Schultz Frozen Waterfall 14
Brian Lord Work in Progress 14
Colin Caygill Symmetry 14
Colin Caygill Mother and Daughter 14
Brian Smith Classic and Modern 13
Alan Angel Sweto 13
Brian Smith Suffolk Shore 13
Derek Altoft Heading into a Storm 12
Neil Weston Pattern in Prague 12
Michael Hilton Peta 12
Derek Altoft Frozen Web 12

Competition #4 - Open - Projection
Date for hand-in: Wednesday 16 February
Competition date: Wednesday 2 March

Author Title Score Position
Andrew Twambley Barn Owl ; Early Morning 20 First
Brian Lord The three degrees 19.5 Second
Derek Altoft Heysham glow 19 Third
Peter Layhe Just waiting 18.5
Colin Caygill Fairy Tale 18.5
Jon Sellers The Player 18
Adam Lloyd Windows 18
Kirsten Colin Bringing in the balloon 17.5
Peter Layhe Wyomimg 17.5
John Dennis Tipsy Glasses 17.5
Derek Altoft Night-time bloom 17
Adrian Hazeldine Bicycle 17
Gary Schultz Pepsi On Ice 17
Kevin Lee Tower of light 16
Kevin Lee A view on travel 16
Kevin Lee Spirals of green 16
Michael Hilton Coming Storm 16
Gary Schultz Iced Tree 16
Ken Wallace Robin 16
Neil Weston Big noise at Tatton 16
Michael Hilton At the Edge of the Day 16
Ken Wallace London Eye Ties 16
Dave Griffiths Crimson Tide 16
Derek Altoft Caterpillar frenzie 16
Andrew Twambley Rhiwargor Falls ; Lake Vyrnwy 16
Graham Beech Winter walk 16
Chris Hills courtyard 16
David Hardy The Blue Lamp 16
Neil Weston Petunia pattern 15
David Lewis Call of the surf 15
Stuart Martin Surf Patrol 15
Lisa Stephansen Frosty day in Cheshire 15
Graham Beech A walk in the woods 15
Colin Caygill Joan 15
Chris Hills gaudi atrium 15
David Hardy After the rain 15
Dave Griffiths The Detail Is In The Devil 15
Roger Lewendon The Picnic 15
David Lewis Sand & City 15
Margaret Harris Bluebells in Rannerdale 15
Lisa Stephansen Frosty day in Copenhagen 15
Andrew Twambley Baby Brown Bear with Stick 15
Pat Sawas Passion Flower 15
Graham Beech Edale skyline 15
John Fallows Leafrection 15
Brian Lord downwind 15
Jon Sellers By Dawns Early Light 15
David Hardy Red sky at night 15
Roger Lewendon Talacre Lighthouse 15
Stuart Martin Sunrise over Funchal 15
Kirsten Colin Nordic lady in red 15
Lisa Stephansen Pretty in Pink 15
Colin Caygill The Princess and the Frog 15
Brian Lord the sharp end 15
Jon Sellers City Reflections 15
Dave Griffiths One Among Many 14
Roger Lewendon Glossop 14
Margaret Harris Opium Poppies 14
John Dennis Flying the Flag for Scotland 14
Helen Dixon Walking The Dog 14
John Fallows Back to the Quays 14
Gary Schultz Winter Moon 14
Stuart Martin Bahrain sunset 14
Chris Hills 12 04 14
Neil Weston Glinting globe 14
Michael Hilton See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil 14
Margaret Harris Infinity Pool 14
Pat Sawas Autumn Leaves 14
Peter Layhe Earth move at Salford 14
Adrian Hazeldine Rising Tide 14
Adam Lloyd Art is objective 13
Pat Sawas Cheese Hamlet 13
John Dennis Riverside Sunset 13
Helen Dixon Pumpkin Soup 13
David Lewis Follow my leader 13
Ken Wallace Irish Oysters 13
Adrian Hazeldine Upmarket Diner 12
Kirsten Colin Fighting for lunch 12

Competition #5 - Themed subject (theme 'Pairs') - Print
Date for hand-in: Wednesday 9 March
Competition date: Wednesday 23 March

Author Title Score Position
Kevin Lee Great White Egrets 20 First
Neil Weston Red Shoes 20 Second
Kevin Lee Knife and Fork 20 Third
Michael Hilton Fish Plate 19
John Dennis Defassa Waterbuck 19
Chris Hills An Odd Pair 19
Chris Hills A Pair of Marigolds 18
John Dennis 2 Pears = 1 Pair 18
Brian Smith "Au" Pairs 18
Jon Sellers Fairy Dance 17
Colin Caygill Pairs on the Line 17
Derek Altoft Pears 17
Andrew Twambley Angry Eyes 17
Neil Weston Serene Pair 17
Andrew Twambley Questionable Keys 17
Colin Caygill The Pair Danced 17
Brian Lord Patrolling the Tideline (African Oyster Catchers) 17
Derek Altoft Lambs Tails 17
Michael Hilton Aperetif 16
Dave Griffiths Sean and Shaun 16
Brian Smith A Hand of Safe Pairs 16
Derek Altoft Hallowed Texts 16
Chris Hills A Pair of Rusties 16
Kevin Lee Retired from the Frontline 16
Margaret Harris Dunham Massey Lions 16
Brian Smith Pairs of Pears 16
Brian Lord Parade of the Pieces 16
Gary Schultz 2 Pairs 16
Neil Weston After the Walk 16
Margaret Harris My Boots 15
Gary Schultz Matching Pairs 15
Andrew Twambley After the Boys Have Been 15
Jon Sellers Ready for Work 15
Brian Lord Mixed Doubles 'A' Team 15
Jon Sellers Keeping Watch 15
Michael Hilton Apples 15
Pat Sawas A Batting Pair 15
Gary Schultz Screws and Bolts 14
Dave Griffiths Emelia and Elise 14
John Dennis A Pair of the Few 14

Competition #6 - Themed subject (theme 'Contrasts') - Projection
Date for hand-in: Wednesday 30 March
Competition date: Wednesday 4 May

Kevin Lee Father and Son 20 First
Gary Schultz the rough and the smooth 19 Second
Jon Sellers Centuries Apart 18 Third
Michael Hilton Rock Water 17
Michael Hilton Regent Street 17
Dave Griffiths Philadelphia Skyline 17
Brian Lord and still the watched machine moves on 17
Colin Caygill Looking into the Future 17
Kevin Lee New York, New York 16
David Lewis Sea and Land 16
Andrew Twambley Holy Man Amongst Sinners 16
Chris Hills calm and turbulent 16
Stuart Martin Harbour Contrasts 16
Margaret Harris Hard and Soft 16
Adam Lloyd Two Cities 16
David Hardy Times are a-changin 16
Stuart Martin The Ages of Bahrain 16
Brian Lord Textures 16
Bill Salkeld Shop sign 16
Gary Schultz Straight and curved lines 16
Colin Caygill Reginald Molehusband 16
David Lewis March of time 16
Andrew Twambley Sun day Times 16
Derek Altoft Ancient & Modern 15
Jon Sellers Bright and Fade 15
Brian Smith Contrast of Emotions 15
Bill Salkeld Old and new 15
Andrew Twambley Liverpool 1 15
Michael Hilton Oil on Water 15
Gary Schultz Sun and shadow 15
David Lewis Projection through time 15
Jon Sellers A Reflection Of Time 15
David Hardy Evening eaves 14
Peter Layhe Above and Below 14
Kevin Lee One Out of Three Ain't Bad 14
Derek Altoft Single occupancy 14
Margaret Harris Sweet and Sour 14
Chris Hills Straight and curved 14
Stuart Martin Contrasts in Colour at Kew 14
Dave Griffiths Reflections 14
Derek Altoft Acres of grain 14
Adam Lloyd I'm Listening 14
Chris Hills identity crisis 14
Colin Caygill Father and Son 13
Adam Lloyd Capitalism 13
Bill Salkeld Star Car 13
Brian Lord from light to shade 12
Dave Griffiths Do Not Disturb 12
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