DiCentra Competition Software: Notes for Judges

At Wilmslow Guild Photographic Society we use the DiCentra competition software from Wilbur Imaging, written by Steve Wilbur (Beckenham CC), and used at the RPS International Projected Images 2007. RPS Forum archive, Projected Image Comp.

The features of the DiCentra software are outlined in the companion note DiCentra - Our new PDI Software

Our normal projection size is SXGA+ (1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high), and we use a Canon XEED SX60 projector in sRGB colour mode.

We set the program to display the images in a random, but fixed order.


Image display with overlay of temporary initial title bar, with image number at left.

The images in the competition can be displayed in a quick preliminary slideshow running at about 5 seconds per image. The title of each image is briefly displayed. This slideshow can be stopped at any point to suit the judge’s wishes.

In the main judging run, which follows, each image is displayed for as long as the judge requires, again with a brief initial display of its title.

The image can be marked, normally out of 20, and the title bar is displayed again with the score added. Any image can be held back for later consideration. Held-back images are identified by a pale pink border.

At any time the collection of held-back images can be shown as a linear gallery across the foot of the screen.


Image display with 'held-back' gallery at foot of screen.

At the end of the first run through we can display the held-back images in the gallery view, or as a slide show, or simply show them in a second judging run. As soon as the image is marked it drops out of the held-back set, so that the judge can quite rapidly concentrate attention on the leaders. Personal styles vary here, but the program has some flexibility.

We can award first (Gold) second (Silver) and third (Bronze) places, as well as a mark to any image.
We can break the show for an interval at any point, and resume the competition afterwards.

Finally we can display the scoreboard at the end of the competition.

© Michael Wood, 1 December 2008

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