Nat Hist


Title Author Score
Birch Polyphore Bill Salkeld 13
Black Headed Heron John Dennis 16
Early Light on Stag Dave Griffiths 15
Calluna Vulgaris heather Gary Schultz 12
Gannet Indicating Take Off Ann Keegan 13
Fallow Deer Stag Dave Griffiths 13
Fischers Lovebirds John Dennis 14
Fish Fossil found on Pembrokeshire Coastal Path Heather Brown 15
Fly Agaric John Downs 11
Galapagos Sea Lion John Downs 12
Gannet Hanging on the Wind Ann Keegan 14
Scale Force 1 Malcolm Bailey 11
Gnarled Tree on the Banks of a Loch Gary Schultz 13
Goats Beard Seed Head John Downs 12
Ibis Heather Brown 10
Jay in snow George Higginbotham 15
Lilac Breasted Roller John Dennis 17
Lions Pat Layhe 13
Mammatus Clouds over our House Gary Schultz 11
Morning Glory Pool - Yellowstone Pat Layhe 19 2nd
Mute Swans without Flight Feathers Mike Keegan 13
Pembroke Fossil on National Coastal Path Heather Brown 12
Purple Heron George Higginbotham 16
Robin Chick Pat Layhe 17
Sally Lightfoot Crab Chris Evans 15
Gannets - Bass Rock Mike Keegan 16
Scale Force 2 Malcolm Bailey 14
Spotted Flycatcher calling George Higginbotham 20 1st
Stag Pair Dave Griffiths 12
Lenticular Cloud Chris Evans 15
Zebra - Equus Burchelli Chris Evans 18 3rd

Digital Proj

Title Author Score
Butterflies mating Jane Burkinshaw 17
Nature's Fractals Jane Burkinshaw 14
A lacy cloak of fungus Jane Burkinshaw 14
Kittiwake feeding chick Dave Griffiths 16
Tern with sandeel Dave Griffiths 14
Pintail Duck in flight Dave Griffiths 20 1st
A Tidewater Glacier - Harvard Glacier, Alaska Gary Schultz 17
Lake Louise - Banff National Park Gary Schultz 15
Glacier in closeup Gary Schultz 16
Darter John Dennis 16
Lechwe John Dennis 13
Yellowbilled Stork John Dennis 19 2nd
Pheasant Ken Stables 15
Barbary Ground Squirrel Ken Stables 18 3rd
Biological Warfare Ken Stables 13
Male Mallard Neil Weston 15
Coot Family Bill Salkeld 12
House Martin Bill Salkeld 12
Heron Bill Salkeld 15
Spitting Spider trapped in sink Derek Altoft 15
Woodland Logs Kate Goodwin 11
Macclesfield Forest Kate Goodwin 11
Red Necked Phalarope John Downs 13
Wigeon Ducklings in Blanket Weed John Downs 14
Great Black Backed Gull and chicks John Downs 12
Dandelion Michael Wood 15
Plum Blossom Michael Wood 14
Fading bluebells Michael Wood 13
Golden Eagle With Kill Pat Layhe 14
Tawny Owl Pat Layhe 13
Pine Marten with Jam Sandwiches Pat Layhe 8


Title Author Score
Abu Dhabi desert Kate Goodwin 14
Amplexus Mike Keegan 17
Australian Jewel Plant found in Roma Park, Brisbane Heather Brown 11
Autumn Leaves Jane Burkinshaw 11
Black headed Gull (winter) Andrew Twambley 17
Blackcap Family George Higginbotham 20 2nd
Black-tailed Godwit Dave Griffiths 20 1st
Botswanan Elephant Alan Angel 18
Deer in Tatton Park Kate Goodwin 13
Fischer's Lovebirds John Dennis 15
Foxglove Michael Wood 18
Fulmar over Sea John Downs 14
Giraffe - Namibia Alan Angel 15
Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel Gary Schultz 14
Greenfinch John Downs 12
Grey Hen - perched above a lek at dawn George Higginbotham 17
Grey Heron John Dennis 15
Grey Seal Cow with new pup Mike Keegan 17
Heather Jane Burkinshaw 13
Hiding behind mum's legs Jane Burkinshaw 13
Hyena - Serangetti Tansania Alan Angel 16
Impala Pat Layhe 13
Leap of Faith Kevin Lee 16
Male Lion John Dennis 15
Osprey - close to its nest with food George Higginbotham 15
Preening Shags Dave Griffiths 17
Puffin John Downs 11
Puffin guarding nest Andrew Twambley 16
Puffin with sandeels Dave Griffiths 18
Pyramid Lake and Mount Edith Cavell - Jasper National Park Gary Schultz 14
Red Campion Michael Wood 13
Stonecrop on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path Heather Brown 13
Styal Waterfall Kate Goodwin 12
Two Shags on Inner Farne Andrew Twambley 15
Waterfall - Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park Gary Schultz 13
Wild Red Campion Mike Keegan 19 3rd
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