Projected Digital Imaging


Projected Digital Imaging - often shortened to PDI - covers the many uses of digital image projectors, especially for showing photographs in WGPS.

We use PDI in competitions, both within the club and in inter-club events. We also use projection to support some speakers, and in some Friday Critique evenings. Many external competitions also use PDI.

Projected Digital Imaging: List of PDI Notes
A summary list of the notes that are available.

Technical Notes

Image Sizes for Digital Projection
Discusses the appropriate sizes for digital projection, both XGA and SXGA+, and some of the limitations of digital projection.

RGB Colour for PDI: The Background
Outlines the basis of RGB digital images.

Colour Spaces and Profiles for Projected Digital Images
Two common colour spaces are sRGB and Adobe RGB (1998). Their role in PDI is explored, with recommendations.

Notes on Resizing Images and naming files for projection (mostly referring to older versions of software)

NOTE: The 'rules' for naming and resizing are likely to change (slightly!) in the near future

Resizing Images for Digital Projection
How to resize images in Photoshop to match projector sizes.

Fit Image for Quickly Resizing
A useful Photoshop facility.

Resizing with Preview in Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard
Preview in Mac OSX Leopard is full of useful imaging goodies. Here's a taster.

Resizing the Canvas to fill the Projection Frame
Explains how to mask the unused portions of the projection frame when your image does not fill the frame.

File and Folder Names for Club PDI Competitions
Explains the naming rules needed by the Dicentra competition software.

Setting up Projection equipment (updated versions in preparation)

Connecting a Projector using Windows Mobility Centre
An easy way to hook-up a laptop to a digital projector.

Setting-up the Toshiba A200-1VG Laptop and Canon XEED SX60 for XGA Images
How to set up the Toshiba 15 inch laptop to show XGA images on the Canon SX60

Setting-up the MacBook Pro and Canon XEED SX60 for SXGA+ Images
How to set up a MacBook Pro to show SXGA+ images on the Canon SX60

Our DiCentra Projection Software (remains current)

DiCentra- Our new PDI Software
Brief description of DiCentra and its role in PDI Competitions.

DiCentra Competition Software: Notes for Judges
Functions of DiCentra in relation to running and judging club PDI Competitions.

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