Projected Digital Imaging: List of PDI Notes

This is a new series of PDI Notes on practical issues in Projected Digital Imaging which may be made available for viewing and download via the club’s Wikidot site:

PDI Notes available include:

• 1. List of PDI Notes (This document.)

• 2. Image Sizes for Digital Projection

• 3. Resizing Images for Digital Projection

• 4. Fit Image for Quickly Resizing Images

• 5. Resizing with Preview in Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard

• 6. Resizing the Canvas to fill the Projection Frame

• 7. File and Folder Names for Club PDI Competitions

• 8. RGB Colour for PDI: The Background

• 9. Colour Spaces and Profiles for Projected Digital Images

• 10. Setting-up the Toshiba A200-1VG Laptop and Canon XEED SX60 for XGA Images

• 11. Setting-up the MacBook Pro and Canon XEED SX60 for SXGA+ Images

• 12. Connecting to a Projector using Windows Mobility Centre in Vista

• 13. DiCentra: Our New PDI Software

Michael Wood, 29 October 2008.

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