Title Author Score
At The Camera Fair Bill Salkeld 13
Been Shopping Erica Withnell 16
Billy Andrew Twambley 20 1st
Bring 'Em On Andrew Twambley 14
Copper Mine Guide Ken Stables 15
Dreams of Adventure Kevin Lee 15
Emma Dave Griffiths 13
Face of Experience Erica Withnell 12
Girls Night Out Kevin Lee 15
Go With The Beat Bill Salkeld 18
Happy Birthday Stuart Martin 17
Hasid – Jerusalem Alan Angel 19 3rd
Hi Michael Hilton 17
Home Guard Ken Stables 16
Isabelle David Lewis 17
Lass from Hanky Park Alan Angel 12
Life's A Breeze David Lewis 17
Mani Gary Schultz 19 2nd
Matilda Ken Stables 16
My Country Seat David Lewis 15
Old Timer – Alaska Alan Angel 17
Passengers lost in Terminal 5 Gary Schultz 15
Pen Stuart Martin 14
Samantha Michael Hilton 18
Savannah Andrew Twambley 15
Tea Break Bill Salkeld 12
The Delights of Summer Tom Einstein 16
The Mob Derek Altoft 16
The Return of the Warrior John Dennis 18
Tomos Michael Hilton 16
Train of Hope Erica Withnell 16
Viking Crafts John Dennis 16


Title Author Score
Alan Yentob John Downs 16
Amber Andrew Twambley 13
Amy Michael Hilton 17
Baby Peter Layhe 13
Beach Artist Roger Lewenden 12
Beach Babe Kate Goodwin 12
Bike Man Neil Weston 13
Charity Event Bill Salkeld 12
Tilliah Gary Schultz 15
Cream Tea Face Stuart Martin 14
Despair Chris Hills 15
Engine Driver John Dennis 18 3rd
Eyes Front John Dennis 14
Hot Michael Hilton 20 1st
Ken Livingstone John Downs 15
Beat The Heat Dave Griffiths 19 2nd
Knight in Shining Armour Ken Stables 15
Longing Stuart Martin 15
Lord of the Manor Ken Stables 16
Mani Gary Schultz 16
Max David Lewis 17
Maya David Lewis 17
Mother and Daughter Kevin Lee 14
My Legs Are Too Short Chris Hills 15
Narrowboat Helmsman John Dennis 15
Natural Portrait Kate Goodwin 13
Nearly There Neil Weston 13
No, I want that one Bill Salkeld 14
On The Summit Stuart Martin 16
Party Pic Bill Salkeld 12
Lost in a Forest of Legs Dave Griffiths 15
Posing Kate Goodwin 12
Ready Steady Go Roger Lewenden 14
Red Ron Andrew Twambley 14
Rose Gary Schultz 12
Saint Freddie John Downs 15
Cool Jazz on a Hot Day Dave Griffiths 15
Seals Peter Layhe 14
Spot The Ball Roger Lewenden 14
Surfer Peter Layhe 15
The Parliamentarian Ken Stables 16
The Party's Over Neil Weston 14
Training for Peace Kevin Lee 15
What Next Michael Hilton 15
When the Saints Go Marching In Chris Hills 14
You Lookin At Us? Andrew Twambley 15
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