Photo opportunities & exhibitions

This section will hold an updated list of photo opportunities (these can be events or good photographic locations) and current photographic or interesting local(ish) exhibitions.

Recording Manchester's Main Arterial Roads by steve marland - photography
where: Manchester Craft & Design Centre, 17 Oak Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester
when: Saturday 4th October until Sunday 12th October 10:00 - 5:30
more info:
Manchester Craft & Design Centre

steve marland images

Chapel Camera Club
Photographic Exhibition celebrating 30 years - Sat 13th Sep to Sat 22nd Nov - Buxton Museum & Art Gallery



Handforth Meadows - good for wildlife images such as damselflies

Birds of Prey - a local Birds of Prey centre (Knutsford) offers photographic workshops with a course once per month (£65 pp). There is a possibility of Photographic Societies at reduced rates Society provided 10 attend. There would be a chance to photograph indigenous species in a natural habitat, studio time with lighting provided and flying time by the centres lake backdrop. Dates are flexible.

for more info: Gauntlet

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